True Confessions


44 thoughts on “True Confessions”

  1. So according to you all, I’ve had bad haircuts, or peed my pants, or taken LSD or threw up in a Ponderosa.

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if *I* was on the diving team in high school!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA….


      1. I can’t say whether I was or wasn’t yet….dont want to give anything away until the correct guesses are made. 🙂

        BUt if I HAD been, I’m pretty sure my job would have been to ensure the speedoes fit all team members properly. SOMEONE has to do it, right?


    1. That’s why it would be such a great confession. It’s always the small quiet ones that have the wild past.

      Congrats to Two-Pi for getting them all. I should have known Harry for swim team after the pool party.

  2. Even though I didn’t guess cause I knew one of the answers, TwoPi’s choices were the ones I made. Well, to be fair, I wasn’t sure about Enrico or Adam, which did which thing. But then I figured, well, Adam doesnt like meat, so he probably ate some at a Ponderosa and threw it up.

    Yeah, that’s how my logic (?) works.


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