[NSFW] The Miracle of Childbirth…

The miracle of childbirth IS DISGUSTING!!!  There is blood and stretching and a vagina …
all sorts of fluids, screaming, contractions, squirting, pooping, pain … yuck!

Here’s a cat giving birth:

Here’s a hissing cockroach giving birth:

Here’s a goat giving birth:

I refuse to watch a human being born on YouTube, but I can assume it’s
1000 times more disgusting than any of those.

What do you think?


14 thoughts on “[NSFW] The Miracle of Childbirth…”

  1. My child was born a bit alien-style, straight out the front, doorways be damned, so can’t speak to “regular” child birth, but pretty much any way you cut it (haha c-section joke), it’s no trip to an amusement park.

  2. Having witnessed two natural human childbirths and a few feline kittenbirths, the best that can be said is that the ends justify the means.

    I think in general pretty much all biological functions are disgusting, but unavoidable. C’est la vie. (Literally.)

  3. Im gonna wait to get home to watch these. When I was in college, I took some course where we watched a film of a woman giving birth. It was supposed to be natural childbirth, but she wasn’t screaming or crying or anything. I’m certain she was doped up on SOMEthing. At any rate, even before she started, some people (mostly guys) were groaning and getting up and leaving. One guy even passed out and had to be carried out. I did fine until they went to do the episiotomy (sp?). THAT I couldn’t watch. Otherwise, I was fascinated. I mean, it was the first time I got to see a hoochie in good light, do what it was intended to do. 🙂


  4. I don’t think I can bring myself to watch any of these. But I’ll go with the cockroach one because I’m terrified of bugs. Does the cockroach actually give birth to live young? Why don’t they lay eggs like other bugs?

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