The Cocky & Rude Compatibility Quiz

Recently the C&Rmy was asked to take a compatibility quiz. After compiling and scrutinizing the data (aka, giving it Harry and making him figure out the percentages), the results were in. Here are your best and worst matches. Love is in the air, so if you need to, dump your significant other, fly across the country, destroy your competition and get ready to woo your true love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


45 thoughts on “The Cocky & Rude Compatibility Quiz”

  1. Yay! I had the most best matches cause everyone wants to be with me! That’s how it works, right? RIGHT?

    The pictures are all fantastic. I think Nathan’s may be my favorite. And mine is damn perfect too.

  2. So Adam has been sniffing around Harry, and now his top matches are two married guys? WTF Adam. Back off someone else’s man.

    I see Craig has two straight girls as his best matches. Hmmmm. Suuuuuuure he’s gay.

    I love how as the near shortest member of this group, I’m most closely matched with the tallest. I foresee logistical problems there.

    And now that Prop 8 has been ruled “a bad thing”, Michelle can get rid of Harry and we can get married. ❤

    The pictures are all genius. I can't say which is my fave but they all match great and Justin's little blue shorts made me laugh. Happy V-Day everyone.

  3. I demand a recount!!! Paul at 20%?!?! VIVA LA SWIRL! And Chris D. (my [s]unrequited[/s] love shall not be denied) didn’t even make my list? And I though Michelle, Tam and I were soul mates?

    I started a list about my favorite pics, but it ended up being them all. I will say I love that TwoPi is a scientist and that David P. is lifting weights.

        1. As I recall, Polt didn’t have the option of choosing purple, or he definitely would have ! And I asse it came as no surprise that Polt puts out on the first date. Although why Polt I’d talking about himself in the third person is quite the mystery.


                1. Polt did go to bed at 900ish, but got a message from some hot guy on a hookup site he belongs too, so when Polt was done talking to him, he checked C&R and commented before going to sleep. ANd Polt’s still not sure why he’s referring tohimself in the third person.


  4. Hmm…Mikey and I are each other’s SECOND-best matches, which I’m quite happy about. Still, I should probably go ahead and marry him before David snaps him up 🙂

  5. Adam – love that I’m wielding a cleaver
    Bertha – You better not steal my man!
    Chris – what a cute puppy! And Justin? You’re a lucky man.
    Craig – LOL the dancing monkey is perfect
    David P – The perfect graphic … watch out Ty!
    Enrico – looks adorable with his cute little socks and banjo
    FDot – why does everyone match so well with Justin?
    Harry – swoon!
    Jere – I wonder if that bird is friends with Cooper?
    John – so cute
    Justin – I love the subtle asterisks
    Mark – Mikey better watch out! maybe he’s making some Love Potion #9
    Mel – Does he knit with his own body hair?
    Michelle – Adorable with her lil bow and Cooper clones
    Mikey – Looks like he’s ready to film a porno
    Sombrero – I don’t even match? There’s something wrong with this quiz!!!
    Mush – Look’n cute in red
    Nathan – That face + that body … cracks me up 🙂
    Paul – do the swirl superpowers work as well in outer space?
    Polt – Zowie! Groan!
    Ryan – look’n sweet
    Tam – pretty in white!
    Ty – What a cute hat … why does Roscoe look angry?
    VUBOQ – Bashful? As if!
    Math – OMG! ((brain explodes))

    How come no one had me as their best match??

  6. I think Nathan’s Valentine is simply adorable!

    It’s clear that there’s no Asian with hairthings or bald black men taking this quiz, cause then, we’d be matched up at 100% baby!


  7. Oh and before I forget, we all owe a HUGE kudo to Harry for actually calculating all these percentages and tabluating them in that chart! Impressive!


  8. Math is hard. If I had know this was a compatibility quiz, I would’ve totally lied so I would be Harry’s best match … oh … wait … I’m MOVING TO SAN DIEGO!!! WOO HOO!!!!

      1. Pffft Tam, is there ANYthing out there you or I could be blackmailed with? We’re both pretty open and in your face with all that stuff.


  9. I am sick with a cold. My training has started. The last few days have really been kicking my ass! 😦 But this post made me smile. 🙂

    Great job Michelle!

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