Who Should Hook Up?

Here at C&R, we’re all about love and happiness.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re hoping to spread some love by pairing up some previously unattached couples.  Vote for your favorite new couple below … and maybe we’ll spark a love connection! *Contestants (except for Mr. Sombrero) are encouraged (but are under no obligation) to bang.


50 thoughts on “Who Should Hook Up?”

      1. From what I’ve seen of their marriage, I’m not surprised Craig has soured on the institution.

        It does make me wonder whether they had any children that made Craig start hating having babies.

  1. Wow, that is hard, but I think Ty and Miranda would be adorable together. She probably likes dogs. Of course after Mikey scratches her eyes out, she’d probably lose her Disney contract.

  2. How do you know Tam and I haven’t already hooked up? There are photos of us together on a bed, and she DID spend two nights at my house.

    I’m just wondering, whoever…wins (?) this poll, will they have to provide proof of their hookup? Cause if that’s the case, then I’m voting for the couple I want most to see together! Whoo-Hooo! 🙂


  3. I voted for Tam and Polt. My reason? It is the only pairing that makes the most sense to me:
    Mr. Sombrero & Craig: Why break up a happy couple? Though Mr. Sombrero could do better. Srsly.
    Adam & Harry: Ew. I have too much respect for Harry.
    Michelle & Cooper: No beastiality
    John & Justin: Aren’t I a little old for him? (sorry Justin, couldn’t resist.)
    Spring & Jere: See Michell and Cooper
    M. Nico & The Invisible Man: Now if you had said me and M. Nico, that I could get behind.
    Roscoe & Mikey: Ewww! Mikey is his daddy!
    Ty & Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly: Again, what is with breaking up relationships?

      1. Neither my vote or inherent reasons for not selecting other pairs, in any way, advocates for the dissolution of Michell and Harry’s marriage. I simply gave a reason which attempted to goof on Adam because it is fun.

        Craig, Alia Atreides is an abomination, not marriage.

    1. It makes SENSE for me and Tam to hookup? REALLY? Look, about ten years ago, after a bout of somewhat serious drinking, a very good friend (Tam, you met her in Toronto) decided that I was only gay because SHE hadn’t had sex with me yet. So we tried. And while it was a lot of fun, with a lot laughing and joking around, there was, depsite her best intentions, no intercourse. It just wasn’t gonna happen.

      I’m pretty sure, if Tam and I tried, it would be the same result.


      1. You just haven’t met the right woman yet. That’s what the fundies say. However I fear I am not the one. Maybe I could just watch? 😀

        Actually, that would be really creepy to watch someone I knew. Now two strangers…

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