A Ginger Secret EXPOSED!

All young gingers are given the “don’t mate with other gingers!” speech.

But ginger females,

and ginger males never listen.

They are drawn to each other.

Soon they lay together in sexual union.

And before long, the female ginger is impregnated.

From her loins will spring a Super Ginger.

The Super Ginger will grow rapidly.

The Super Ginger will mature.

But it shall never go outdoors to enjoy the sunshine.

For Super Gingers do not tan.

Super Gingers do not even experience sunburn (as non-Super Gingers are often do).

When a Super Ginger ventures into the sunlight, it will burst into flames.

And as the Super Ginger burns,

The normal children laugh,

and laugh,

and laugh.

When the flames die down, all that remains is a gingerbread cookie.

These gingerbread cookies are delicious.

And are quickly gobbled up.

Wiping from the Earth all evidence that such a foul beast had ever existed.


22 thoughts on “A Ginger Secret EXPOSED!”

  1. Geez, it sounds like someone’s got a persecution complex. And I thought it was vampires that explode into flames in sunlight, so tou’re saying vampires and super-gingers are the same thing?


    1. no! I’m just exposing our secrets.

      Vampires and Super Gingers are completely different from each other!! Vampires are attractive and covered with glitter!

  2. Which leaves me wondering, how did Tam manage to gather all those super gingers for the cookies she sent in the gift exchange? Is there something you want to tell us Tam?

    My dad listened, he married a woman with black hair and olive skin. Despite this he still managed to have three gingers and seven carriers.

          1. Oh Tam, I never thought I could love you anymore than I already do…and then, I read this comment. Makes me wanna have your babies! 🙂


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