It’s Taste Test Time!

There are certain brands that I always buy or order because I think that they are superior. But am I just being blindly loyal or do I really think they are the best? The only way to know is to compare them with their competitors in a blind taste test. *Harry and I did not taste anything in the same order.

We started with the chocolate (milk chocolate). I was looking forward to this the most, but I have to say, it was too much of a good thing. They all tasted fairly similar, and none really stood out in a good (or bad) way.

Harry: not as creamy as the others
Michelle: creamy, sweet and chocolatey tasting, but in a generic way. My second favorite.

Harry: had a nutty taste (like hazelnuts or walnuts), kinda weird
Michelle: Reminds me of walnuts, has a hint of cocoa

Harry: he thought this tasted the same as the Trader Joe’s chocolate
Michelle: Has a really sweet aftertaste, too sweet. My least favorite

Trader Joe’s
Harry: same as the Ghiradelli
Michelle: has a little bit of saltiness, a chocolate aftertaste, very sweet

Harry: not as milky as the others, but is more chocolatey
Michelle: This is Hershey’s, maybe my favorite, has a very subtle grittiness

Harry: Tastes less sweet than the others
Michelle: Mellow, very sweet, tastes like a chocolate Easter bunny, has a hazelnut aftertaste

Harry: Has a caramel taste. Not my favorite.
Michelle: Creamy and sweet, very melty in the mouth

Harry: Less milky and more chocolatey, just chocolate
Michelle: I like the texture, a little sweet, maybe the most chocolatey

And the winners?

Harry – couldn’t pick one. They all tasted alike to him.

Michelle – Hershey’s. I could identify it right off the bat (so did Harry). I’m surprised one of the higher end bars didn’t come in first.

Next up were the cheesy poofs. I know, I don’t like cheese, but it’s okay on popcorn or a poof.
I think it’s a texture thing.

Harry: Cheesy. Poofy. Salty. This is my favorite.
Michelle: Cheesy all the way through.

Trader Joe’s (reduced fat)
Harry: Has a mild cheesy taste
Michelle: Has a milky taste, really sticks in your teeth

Little Bear
Harry: Most bland of all. It’s like a puff of air.
Michelle: No cheese taste at all. It tastes like a corn puff.

Harry: Saltiness upfront, Some cheesy taste. My 2nd favorite.
Michelle: Has an upfront cheesy taste, You can taste the corn, is salty, probably my favorite

Smart Puff
Harry: Almost no cheese taste, has a hint of pepper
Michelle: Is very light, dissolves quickly into nothing, has a slight hint of cheese

Which was the best?

Michelle – I picked the Safeway brand

Harry picked the Cheetos brand. And though the Smart puffs didn’t taste very cheesy at all, we liked those to snack on.

We saved the “champagne” for last (we know it’s really sparkling wine, but we haven’t won the lottery to splurge on 5 bottles of the real stuff. So just play along). We’re also not “champagne” people (and especially not Brut – but it was only kind I could find enough varieties of). This may explain the following results.

Harry: Thought this and the Chandon tasted the same.
Michelle: Bitter, very bitter. I don’t like it.

Harry: See above
Michelle: It’s bitter and sour, middle of the road. I don’t like it.

Harry: Thought it was similar to the Woodbridge and Chandon, but a little mellower.
Michelle: It’s bitter and has a sour taste. It’s my 2nd least favorite. I don’t like it.

Harry: Has a fruity taste, It’s the most mellow of them all.
Michelle: It’s bitter, but has a fruity taste up front. I don’t like it, but it’s the best of the bunch.

Cook’s (Harry had a devil of a time getting the damn cork out of this one)
Harry: Has a skunky smell. And a skunky taste. It’s my least favorite.
Michelle: Is bitter. Has a weird taste, Ew. I don’t like it. It’s my least favorite.

And the winners?

Harry – The Tott’s.

Michelle – They were all gross, but if I had to pick the least disgusting, it would be the Tott’s.

Do you have any ideas of how to make our leftover “champagne” more drinkable? Let us know in the comments and join us next time in the test kitchen as we taste the letter “T”!


41 thoughts on “It’s Taste Test Time!”

  1. All cheesy poofs are unacceptable. Their consistency is just too weird for me.

    “I wish I could taste test Harry”

    Be careful of Adam, Michelle! He’s getting more and more brazen regarding his adoration of Harry!

    1. This tag should also be noted:

      “I wish Michelle and Harry would adopt me”

      So Adam wants to “taste test” the same person he wants to be his father. Someone has some serious issues they need to work out (with Harry [while I watch]).

  2. I believe the traditional consumption of leftover champagne is via the mimosa (1 part champagne to 1 part citrus juice).

    I also vaguely remember trying a mix of champagne and guinness, but I don’t recommend it. Far better is a Celtic Sledgehammer, essentially a boilermaker make with guinness and a shot of single malt scotch. A few of those, and you won’t care that you’ve got leftover champagne filling up your fridge.

  3. Hmm. I like Ghiardelli but I’ve never directly compared it. I’m not surprised Cheetos won, just look how orange they are? And champagne? Eh. Not my thing either. Maybe the reason that last one tasted skunky and you had cork issues was because it was exposed to heat. Dried out the cork and made it go off. Blerg.

    I can’t believe Adam called Michelle M. “sexalicious”. Not that she’s not of course.

    1. The cork issue was that it wouldn’t come out. I tried for a couple minutes to twist it out, but it was stuck. After trying to dislodge it by rocking it back and forth, the top broke off leaving some cork in the neck. I got that out with a wine bottle opener.

      It was so much work, I had to take off the henley leaving me in a t-shirt.

      I could taste a difference in most of the chocolates but I had trouble deciding which one I liked more than others.

      1. I think that usually means the wine is old because the cork has gotten dry and brittle. You should have saved it, taken it back and demanded another bottle (after drinking the first one although you said it was gross).

      2. You’ve got more patience than me. When that happens, I just push the remains back down in the bottle. A little cork with your champagne is good for you, no?

  4. The best thing to do with leftover champagne is send it me! Love the stuff. And I presume the “cheese is okay on a poof” statement does not apply to the English definition of poof?

    Or maybe it does, hmmmm….


  5. “Chiradelli”? Isn’t that supposed to be a G? I don’t really like cheesy poofs, chocolate or “champagne”, but it is good to know what to buy if I ever acquire a taste for any of them.

          1. Jesus Harold Christ. You know, I could go search for Craig’s misstep and your subsequent abuse of him for it, but I just realized, I don’t really care all that much.

              1. Holy shit. The earth has tipped on it’s axis. Next thing we know Bertha is going to say something polite and complimentary. The end is nigh.

      1. Are cheese balls the same thing as cheese puffs? I recall the balls being slightly denser … though it’s been a long time since I’ve tasted cheese.

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