Wrong! I drink almond milk!


9 thoughts on “Wrong! I drink almond milk!”

  1. How did you know to include the tag “shut up Craig – almond milk is delicious!”???

    Almond milk is stupid. I had to use it as coffee creamer at my friend’s house and it was awful.

  2. Here is the thing: if you want MILK, drink MILK. Don’t squeeze another fruit, nut or vegetable or do something else to it that produces a whitish liquid and then call it MILK.

  3. Almond milk makes lovely gingerbread men right Adam? The rest sat in my fridge until I dumped it. I did have a recipe for cupcakes using it though. I should have made them. I mean really, how could it damage a cupcake?

  4. I tried almond milk on the advice of my ENT (regular dairy will make you phlegmy). It isn’t bad. I do find it a little thick for my taste, so I’m trying soy mild next.

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