Congratulations to john for being the first to call C&R bingo!
Enjoy your as yet to be determined fabulous prize!

But why should all the fun (and fighting) stop here? It’s time for

Be the first to blackout out all the squares and win – squares that you have already X’d out still count!
Be the first to call out “Blackout bingo!” in comments and you, too,
can win an as yet to be determined fabulous prize.

Good luck!


34 thoughts on “C&R BLACKOUT BINGO!”

  1. I believe “I’m gunna stab Craig and then stab him again” will be exhibit A in Adam’s trial for my murder. Also, who spells it gunna instead of gonna? Dumbass.

      1. The knifesmanship of Inner Hebrides streetfighters is known and feared throughout the world. The infamous “Gunna stab” rivals the Seppuku in its brutality and efficiency.

      1. Science should not have fanciful fiction as its foundation.

        (And *this* comment is more philosophical or epistemological than scientific, lest you get any ideas.)

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