M. Nico, where are you?

For the last week or so, I’ve been trying to contact M. Nico.  Does he respond to email? Nope. Does he respond to Facebook messages?  Nope.

And then, eureka! There’s a phone number on his Facebook info page!  I’ll text it!  Here’s what happened…

8:46 – Me: Hello it’s Adam from the bloggy gift exchange. I’m having trouble reaching you. As far as I can tell, you did not send Justin a gift, correct? Please email me!

8:52 – M. Nico: Yes.

8:53 – Me: Do you plan to? Are you going to send photo and blurb for the gift you received?

8:58 – M. Nico: What gift

9:00 – Me: Gift was sent to you via priority mail on wed before Christmas and should have arrived on the 24th or 26th. It was not returned to the sender. Did you receive it?

9:16 – M. Nico: Wait… what was semt to me.

9:18 – Me: Something from [Twopi] I don’t know exactly what. Did you receive it it?

9:19 – M. Nico: I did not.

9:19 – Me: Do you plan to send anything to Justin?

9:21 – M. Nico: Whos justin?

9:21 – Me: I emailed Twopi and asked him to try to track the package.

9:22 – Me: Justin is the person you were supposed to send a gift to in the gift exchange.

9:24 – M. Nico?: I think you have the wrong number

9:24 – Me: Are you Andreas?

9:25 – Not M. Nico: No i am not

9:26 – Me: I wish you would have told me that 45 minutes ago

9:28 – Some Random Person: Sorry

9:30 – Some Random Person: Sorry double check ur number

9:30 – Me (bitchy): Obviously … Thanks for leading me on for 45 minutes!!

9:34 – Some Random Kid: I thought it was a friend messin with me im 13 dude

9:34 – Me (tiny bit guilty): Ok bye

The quest continues in my search for M. Nico.
If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact me immediately.


24 thoughts on “M. Nico, where are you?”

  1. It’s a good thing you didn’t mention my award winning ass. Talking about such things toa 13 year old could have resulted in an embarrassing trip to don’t-drop-the-soap land.


  2. Wait . . .

    Adam can’t tell the difference between the voice of a thirteen year old boy and a grown man?

        1. More sense, maybe. But Adam having a 45-minute phone conversation with a 13 year old is WAY more hilarious!

  3. What if M. Nico isn’t a real person? Maybe “he” created a fake commenter identity backed by a fake Facebook identity years ago. Perhaps he was just biding his time for years just so he could get a free gift exchange gift without having to give one. What a cunning plan!

    I found this post most entertaining. I can’t really blame the kid for not understanding sooner. I wonder if he will find this blog post, and comment. That would be funny!

    1. I think the kid is writing his own blog post on Tumblr about this weird old dude who started texting him about a Christmas present or some odd stuff.

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