It’s the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Cocky Award!

Before we bid farewell to the 2011 Cocky Awards, we have one final award to hand out.  Today, on the dawn of 2012, let’s join together to appreciate our final award recipient.

The 2011  Lifetime Achievement Cocky Award winner is none other than … POLT’S ASS!

With this award, we at Cocky & Rude pledge to always appreciate its nakedness, whiteness and utter flatness.  Thought it is true that Polt’s ass has been the butt of many jokes here at Cocky & Rude, we also acknowledge that as bloggers, we respect and admire everything about it.  And fear not — just because Polt’s ass has earned the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Cocky Award DOES NOT MEAN that we will retire the image in any way.  We at C&R will strive to do Polt’s ass justice as we move forward into the future.  Congratulations: Polt’s Ass.  You truly earned it.

Now please stand as the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Cocky Award runner-up, Rebecca Black, performs an original composition to the tune of her smash single, Friday, entitled: Polt’s Ass.

POLT’S ASS   (written by Adam, performed by Rebecca Black & Friends)

Congratulations to Polt’s ass and all of the 2011 Cocky Award winners!


8 thoughts on “It’s the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Cocky Award!”

  1. Im not sure if I’m honored, ashamed, or a little bit of each. Who knew and innocent, spontaneous, throw-away post on the Palace could become such a….phenomanon here.


    1. I can’t imagine the architect of “Tooshie Tuesday” being overly ashamed of this honor.

      And having checked, I’m horrified by the scads of webpages that show up at the top of the google search “rebecca black ass”. One can only hope that in time this particular musical C&R offering will rise to the top of that revolting heap.

  2. Wow, someday maybe my ass too can be immortalized in song and pictures. Ummm. Or not. Let’s leave it as not. Yay Mr. PA (Polt’s Ass). May 2012 give you lots of attention and affection.

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