It’s the 2011 Cocky Awards!

It’s the end of 2011, and than can only mean one thing: it’s time for the 2011 Cocky Awards! This year’s awards will be determined solely by your votes.  Each week, C&R will present you with a few categories.  Each week, you’ll place your vote before the polls close at approximately 12:00 Noon (EST) each Friday.  Then each weekend, we’ll revel the latest winners.  One vote per IP address.


Favorite 2011 C&R Blogger

2011 Second Favorite Blog

Of course we assume that Cocky & Rude is your favorite blog…
but the real question is: What’s your 2011 Second Favorite Blog?

Links: Goblinbox, Polt’s Palace, Puntabulous, Tam’s Reads, Vicious.Unrepentant.Bitter.Old.Queen

This week’s results will be revealed on Saturday 12/24/11.

After this week, there’s only one more 2011 Cocky Award to announce:

The winner of this coveted prize will be revealed on 1/1/12!


11 thoughts on “It’s the 2011 Cocky Awards!”

  1. Um, not for nothing, but I really want an option of “Not Adam” for the first question. Michelle wins everything and while I love me some Mikey, my desire to tease Adam is stronger.

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