It’s the 2011 Cocky Awards!

It’s the end of 2011, and than can only mean one thing: it’s time for the 2011 Cocky Awards! This year’s awards will be determined solely by your votes.  Each week, C&R will present you with a few categories.  Each week, you’ll place your vote before the polls close at approximately 12:00 Noon (EST) each Friday.  Then each weekend, we’ll revel the latest winners.

Earlier this week, you voted on the three categories of the 2011 Cocky Awards.  They were: Favorite 2011 C&R Commenter, Favorite 2011 C&R Series, and 2011 C&R Fan Favorite. Here are the results!

The award for Favorite 2011 C&R Commenter goes to…

The award for Favorite 2011 C&R Series goes to…

The award for 2011 C&R Fan Favorite goes to…

Congratulations to these Cocky Award winners of 2011:
Michelle M., C&R Match Game
and Polt’s Ass!

The 2011 Cocky Awards continue next week!


11 thoughts on “It’s the 2011 Cocky Awards!”

  1. YAY! C&R Match Game won! That means, just like cowbell, this blog needs more C&R Match Game.

    I’m also honored to be nominated and end up so close with Michelle M. in the Favorite Commenteor category.

    And while I’m embarrassed, but my ass is quite proud, of the….(wait for it)…ass-kicking it gave the other nominees in the Fan Favorite category. Butt, I have to ass-k, was it a come from behind victory? 🙂


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