The Cocky Chronicles 1.11

Episode 1.01 | Episode 1.02 | Episode 1.03 | Episode 1.04 | Episode 1.05
Episode 1.06 | Episode 1.07 | Episode 1.08 | Episode 1.09 | Episode 1.10


11 thoughts on “The Cocky Chronicles 1.11”

  1. See, Craiggers, had you not left me standing outside in the snow leaving wet nose prints on your windows like a dog does and instead welcomed me into your life as every stalker wishes their stalkee would, then I might have been there to save you from the explosion. But, oh well….your loss. (I mean it’s your life that’s gone, so yeah, it IS your loss) 🙂


  2. The red balloon, in the last panel, is that the balloon that Michelle M. is still floating around the earth in, drinking her endless supply of Tanqueray. Hmm, maybe she somehow saves Craiggers?


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