Adult Movie or Holiday Movie?

Last week I heard an idea for a game on a morning zoo radio show that I’ve decided to steal for your enjoyment.  It’s called Adult Movie or Holiday Movie?  The rules are simple: for each title below, decide if the movie is an adult (porno) movie or a sweet, holiday drama/comedy.  Each title below links to the answer.  Keep score and tell us your total in the comments.  (Please be warned that I’ve covered all the nips and p33ns in the answer photos, but some are still NSFW.)

Three Wise Women
Mixed Nuts
A Little Christmas Tail
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Holiday in Handcuffs
Santa is Naughty And Nice
Christmas in Memphis
Very Very Bad Santa
A Christmas Visitor
Holiday For Angels
Lucky Christmas
The Ultimate Gift
Dirty Santa
Miracle on 69th Street
Playing with Mrs. Claus
12 Dates of Christmas
Desperately Seeking Santa
Santa Comes Twice
Santa Comes Again
Stocking Stuffers
Call Me Mrs. Miracle

Primary Sources: 94.5 WPST, ABC Family, Adult Film Database, Hallmark Channel, Tech Mediatainment


19 thoughts on “Adult Movie or Holiday Movie?”

  1. I thought I was doing good, but with only 10 pnts it seems I don’t watch enough of either genre. I might do better in gay porn category, but then again, everyone else here would too.

    1. I thought it would be a multi-cultural orgy film:

      The guy from Rio (Brazil nuts)
      The guy from Majorca (almonds)
      The guy from the Middle East (pistachios)
      The guy from Atlanta (pecans)
      The guy from Hawaii (macadamia nuts)
      The guy from India (cashews)
      The guy from Italy (chestnuts)
      The guy from China (walnuts)

      I think this has potential. Someone get on that production schedule.

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