It’s Michelle & Adam’s Friday Five!

Guess what?  It’s Friday!  Yippie Skippy!  This week Michelle and I decided to each contribute 2.5 Friday favorites to everyone’s favorite Cocky & Rude Friday feature: It’s The Friday Five!

1) American Horror Story. (Michelle) Why are there flies on those apples…? My favorite show of the new season!  The storyline keeps moving along with neat little twists. Last night’s was fantastic – too bad I had already read about it on the internet :(. Jessica Lange plays my favorite character. She does a wonderful job playing someone you love to hate and hate to love. Tate and Moira are other characters that tread the line between sympathetic and despicable. Guest spots by Mena Suvari, Zachary Quinto and Eric Stonestreet keep the show fresh. And there’s just the right amount of gruesome to satisfy this horror fan. If you’re not watching, you should be.

2) Hot chocolate. (Michelle) Hurray! It’s hot chocolate season. I like to throw a couple Hershey’s kisses in mine to make it extra chocolatey. And a splash of peppermint schnapps doesn’t hurt either.

3) This. (Michelle)

3.5) This. (Adam) (Even though everyone has already seen it because I shared it on Facebook.) (And even though it’s missing an apostrophe.)  It’s so funny!

4) The Hunger Games trilogy. (Adam) Mikey raved about it … so I decided to give it a chance.  Ever since I graduated from college (with a bachelor’s degree in English) I’ve strayed away from that whole ‘reading’ thing.  I few books here and there, but overall I’m a book burnout.  I started reading the first book in Montreal and (according to my Kindle) I’m now 61% of the way through the third.  It’s a lot of fun (even though it’s a young adult series) and I can’t wait for the movie!  Have you seen the trailer yet?  It looks sooooo good!

5) Chinese Food. (Adam) I recently discovered that my local Chinese Restaurant’s recipes for vegetable lo mein and  spring rolls are vegan (or so they claim), and now I can’t get enough!  Noodles, broccoli, weird looking mushrooms that they probably found growing in the sludge next to the dumpster, assorted other mystery vegetables … omg!  Spring rolls stuffed with random nondescript and often colorless vegetables all coated in a crispy deep-fried shell?  PLUS they claim that it’s all “healthy” Chinese food!  Who cares if they’re lying?  Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!!

Runners Up This Week: staying in bed until 5 minutes before you’re supposed to leave for work (because the bed is warm and the apartment is cold) and then running around like a maniac to get ready, snuggling with Spring until she attacks, getting surprise gifts in the mail from Michelle M., getting calendars in the mail from Polt, Beavis & Butt-Head, and of course: hardcore gay pornography.


28 thoughts on “It’s Michelle & Adam’s Friday Five!”

                    1. Mr. Sombrero, if you would like to leave theses two alone, (because really, they deserve each other…) I’d be happy to meet you for dinner.

  1. 1. I’ve only seen one episode of that series (the one where the guy kills his pregnant girl friend, well, the other guy kills her). We just haven’t gotten into it.
    2. I don’t like hot chocolate because it’s too milk-like in consistency. The gag reflex kicks in.
    3. Creepy
    3.5 Awkward
    4. Eh.Doesn’t really interest me. I definitely do some reading.
    5. Yay. Chinese, vegan or not is yummy

    Have a great weekend.

    1. How about hot cider then? I think this year I’m going to try dumping some caramel sauce in and see how that tastes.
      Hunger Games has lots of hot m/m action. You should give it a shot.

  2. Adam – Even though it’s a young adult series? There is some great YA fiction out there at the moment. Hmm… I’m sensing a post. I love spring rolls. Except when they have tofu or mushrooms in them. I saw that picture a billion years before you posted it on facebook. But it’s still hilarious.

    I didn’t think of any runners up. I guess mine would be snuggling up with Cooper while I watch tv, hot water bottles and finding out the library carries The Walking Dead comics. I’m sorry, I just can’t call them graphic novels. Old.

    1. if they’re individual issues, then they’re comic books. If they’re several issues collected together in one book, they’re graphic novels. Get with it, Michelle M.!

      And after owned two parakeets in the past, i have to ask, how exactly does one cuddle with one???


  3. Yay for the Hunger Games….read them…they are addictive and fun!!!!

    I am following American Horror Story too….and it was an early favorite, but it is starting to show signs of Ryan Murphy syndrome, wherein he is changes his characters stories and motivations every week. Love Jessica Lange though…oh and what if Violet didn’t commit suicide? What if her father killed her cuz she found out about the preggers gf? hmmm……what if????

  4. Surprise gifts from Michelle M. ARE awesome! And I simply do not understand how hardcore gay pornography can be a runner-up to ANYTHING! 🙂


  5. Haven’t read The Hunger Games, but am looking forward to the movie. I got nothing else for the week other than being home and going to bed early tonight.

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