Have You Ever … On Thanksgiving?!

Woohoo, today is Thanksgiving!  Are you spending the day with your family?  Watching the parade?  Stuffing your face with dead animals?  Falling asleep early because you’re stoned out of your mind on tryptophan?  Need a break from all that crap?  Instead of a fourth slice of pumpkin pie, teat yourself to a Thanksgiving-themed Have You Ever?! quiz!  Yayyz!

The rules are simple: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever?!

1. Have you ever spent a Thanksgiving away from your family?
2. Have you ever celebrated Thanksgiving alone?
3. Have you ever attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City?
4. Have you ever sat through the entire Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television?
5. Have you ever watched football on Thanksgiving?
6. Have you ever come out of the closet to anyone during Thanksgiving dinner?
7. Have you ever cried on Thanksgiving?
8. Have you ever made your mom cry on Thanksgiving?
9. Have you ever been forced (or forced others) to recite what they’re grateful for?
10. Have you ever single-handedly cooked a Thanksgiving dinner?
11. Have you ever not eaten turkey on Thanksgiving?
12. Have you ever slid jellied cranberry sauce out of a can?
13. Have you ever dropped a dish while bringing it to the table OR while passing it around the table?
14. Have you ever needed to find an open supermarket on Thanksgiving because you (or someone else) forgot or messed something up?
15. Have you ever consumed at least two forkfuls of EVERY dish on the table?
16. Have you ever eaten an entire pie in one sitting?
17. Have you ever fallen asleep mid-Thanksgiving dinner due to a tryptophan overdose?
18. Have you ever ate so much on Thanksgiving that you felt sick?
19. Have you ever vomited after eating Thanksgiving dinner?
20. Have you ever clogged the toilet after taking a massive Thanksgiving dump?
21. Have you ever gotten drunk on Thanksgiving?
22. Have you ever gotten high on Thanksgiving?
23. Have you ever given a hand or blow job underneath the Thanksgiving table?
24. Have you ever received a hand or blow job underneath the Thanksgiving table?
25. Have you ever had sex (any kind) on Thanksgiving?

Well?  HAVE YOU?  Tell us your total in the comments.


9 thoughts on “Have You Ever … On Thanksgiving?!”

  1. 12 or 13. (Was it Thanksgiving or Christmas? Hard to remember. And does fake implying one might come-out to shut off the “why don’t you find a girl and settle down” questions count for #6?)

  2. 2. Thanksgivings have traditionally been spent at a huge family reunion at community center followed by watching Dallas play while filling out Christmas cards. Yeah, not too much excitement there. Sorry to disappoint.


  3. 8. I’m not completely certain about #25, but at my age it’s likely. Same with football. I think they have Cdn football on our Thanksgiving, if so, I’ve watched it.

  4. Four.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, including Tam and The Kid who celebrated last month. I’m pretty thankful for you all.

    Except Adam, he needs to settle a little more…..

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