The Cocky Chronicles 1.06

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17 thoughts on “The Cocky Chronicles 1.06”

  1. I, I, I …. I gave the order to take the Shat out? *sob* Being an evil leader is haaaaard. At least the kid is a great shot. Go her.

    I’m not sure if SV is shocked by the revelation or that’s his O face.

    1. Being an evil leader who orders the assassination of her henchmen bothers Tam. Her daughter executing those orders makes Tam proud.

  2. Tam’s the evil leader? Well ain’t that a kick in the head? Or a shot in the head in Shat’s case.

    Wait, no that can’t be right. Canadians are universally nice polite people. This must be a clone of Tam raised elsewhere. Or Cylon Model #15. Or a shapeshifting alien. Or Rush Limbaugh in disguise (he aint Canadian, but he sure is evil)!


  3. DAY-UM! The Kid has mad assassin skillz! I am a bit surprised that the Canadian take over is a bit hostile, but an Evil T-Leader is stressful and requires difficult decisions to be made.

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