The Cocky Chronicles 1.03

Episode 1.01 | Episode 1.02

For more adventures of Super Viagra & Vagina Girl, go to


23 thoughts on “The Cocky Chronicles 1.03”

  1. Inactivity on Perez Hilton’s blog is hardly cause for a national crisis response team… but I’m intrigued by the story line. Can’t wait to see if the divine Ms O can defeat the Shat.

  2. “You’re go for Oprah” love it.
    I still think the new design looks a little dog pooish. Oprah and Dr. Oz are fans of the “S” shaped poo, so I’m guessing she had a minion do the molding. Anyway, I’m glad you won’t be sued now.
    I’m glad Obama is taking care of business.

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