the CONAN show

Last Tuesday Harry and I went with our friends D. and S. to see Conan. Check in was in the ground level of a parking garage at 1:30. Notice my nails – I painted them orange for the occasion.

After we got our tickets we had time to kill until they took us to the studio at 3:00. The garage was freaking cold, so we left to find something to eat. We found a place called Henry’s Hat not too far away. The Conan staff took my camera, so here is recreation of my lunch: a Mai Tai in a tiki glass and breakfast potatoes.

Back at the garage we were led in groups (I have never seen so many f*cking hipsters in one place) to the studio. We walked across the street and then wound our way through the various sound stages to the Conan holding pens. I thought it was funny to muse out loud if random people we passed were famous. After the 30th time it was still hilarious. To me. Or maybe it was the Mai Tai talking. Anyway, imagine my excitement when I spotted Johnny Galecki (of The Big Bang Theory and one of my favorite shows, Roseanne)! He was on his cell phone and wearing a blue shirt! “It’s David Galecki!” I said excitedly (I was thinking of his character on Roseanne).

Brad, the guy in charge of our group confirmed that it was, indeed Johnny Galecki. Not one minute later an Asian guy passed by. “Hey, that guy’s famous!” I said. I didn’t know his name, but he looked like the guy from Entourage. Brad said he was on Community and Ugly Betty. So I said I’d Google him when I got home.

I don’t know what the hell Brad was talking about. It was totally Rex Lee from Entourage and Suburgatory (A show I watch!). Besides, Suburgatory films there, we passed right by their trailers and wardrobe racks. Whatever, Brad. We also passed by Chuck Lorre’s parking space and the Harry’s Law soundstage. How awesome would it have been to see Kathy Bates?! After a brief wait in the holding pens, we finally made it into the studio.

We were in the 7th row. Yay! Out of 9 rows. Boo!

The set looked so much smaller in real life. Some dude came out to warm up the audience and tell us to clap when the “applause” sign lit up. Then the band came out. They were awesome! First, La Bamba sang a song.

Then Mark Pender (the bald guy) sang a song. It kind of sounded like “Jump, Jive and Wail”, but it wasn’t. Anyway, they were fantastic.

Then the most boring Conan show ever taped started. Conan came out and did his monologue. He did his little jump, but no string dance. It was their one year anniversary, but you wouldn’t have known it from the show. They did nothing special to mark the occasion – no skit, no confetti, nothing. Maybe they were tired from the New York trip. He did do a funny sign bit with a guy in one of the front rows (to sit in the front rows you had to get there at 9:30).

Andy did a bit about fall foliage. Um, I adore Andy, but it wasn’t that funny. I’m going to blame the writers.

There was also a peanut players skit about Herman Cain. It was kinda meh. I think the Depardieu one from August was hilarious. Here’s that one.

The first guest was Julie Bowen. I love Modern Family, but she bugs me. Oh – we just watched Horrible Bosses last night – it was cute and funny and I would recommend it. She was in that. Oh well, at least she had some energy.

Her son made a turkey. It was the most interesting guest on the show.

Next up was a snowboarder. God, he was dull.

My mind wandered off halfway through the interview.

Then a comedienne (?) came out. She had a baby voice and made weird faces. She spoke too softly so we couldn’t make out a lot of what she was saying. That night when we watched the show on tv we were able to confirm that she was lame and not funny.

Then it was over, but before Conan left the stage he sang a sweet little goodbye song to the audience.

Outside it was dark and we made our way back to the garage. We passed my new friend Brad who called out to me to remember to Google that guy. Which I did. Brad, you need to watch more tv. On the way home we stopped at the Downey Brewery where I had a Lambic Frambois and some onion rings. God, I ate nothing healthy that day.

Harry had a sausage party.

Back on the road we went in the wrong direction for about half an hour, because we’re awesome like that. Despite the lackluster show, we had a great time and hope to see Conan again in the future.

The next day I had some homemade yellow split pea soup and a big salad to make up for the delicious crap I ate the day before.


31 thoughts on “the CONAN show”

    1. Johnny Galecki is clearly being paid a little extra to wander around and be the famous person people see on the WB lot. 🙂

  1. Well, I’m impressed you saw someone famous, I mean besides Conan. Not a very interesting show. I guess you get the luck of the draw. I’m surprised they didn’t do more for their anniversary show, like give everyone a free trip to Hawaii. Maybe next time.

  2. I love Conan! I wish I could have gone with you (even if it was a bummer episode)!! Here’s my random feedbacking:
    2. Your friends look very happy.
    3. I love that 99% of what you ate all day consisted of potatoes.
    4. Yay The Big Bang Theory! I watched the entire series (so far) over the course of a week not too long ago.
    5. Your seats sucked. Next time get there at 9:30!
    6. Julie Bowen seems like a moron in real life. But I loved her on Ed and she’s alright on Modern Family.
    7. The snowboarder was boring. He should have at least taken his shirt off or SOMETHING. ZZZZZZzzzzz snore.
    8. That “comedienne” was TERRIBLE. OMG I wanted to fly to CA just to heckle her not-funny face.
    9. Brad is a racist that thinks all Asians look the same! Rex Lee ≠ Ken Jeong ≠ Alec Mapa. I’m surprised he didn’t think it was Margaret Cho.
    10. Does Harry enjoy a sausage party every time he goes to a restaurant??
    11. That salad looks AMAZING! Make one and send it to me … I want it for lunch today!!!

    1. Come out here and we’ll go to one! We’ll get there at 9:30. Also, I’ll make you a salad.
      3. Onion rings are made out of onions, not potatoes.
      8. She was the worst!
      10. Just on special occasions.

      A++ for you!

  3. Too bad the show sucked. In college, my Constitutional Law class got to take a trip to DC to sit in on a session of the Supreme Court, which, to a government junkie like me, was totally awesome. I was ready to have my socks blown off. But the case was about some copyright infringement crap that I didn’t understand two words from. And hardly any of the Justices even spoke. It sucked. So yeah, it was kinda like your experience. Only geekier.

    Would be cool to see somebody famous sometime. However, they don’t often make trek’s to South Central Pennsylvania.


  4. The beer was really good. Michelle’s post and the comments are funnier than the show. Maybe next time we’ll get to see a good show.

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