Cocky & Rude Is Giving Away 100 GRAND*!

What’s the ugliest thing you own?  A sweater? A piece of furniture? Artwork?  A knickknack?  A pet?  Don’t throw it away just yet. The ugliest thing you own might win you 100 Grand*!

THAT’S RIGHT!  Cocky & Rude is giving away 100 Grand* to one lucky winner!  The rules are simple:

1. Submit a photo of the ugliest thing you own to by November 30th.  In your email, please include a short description of your item, your full name and your mailing address.

2. We’ll post all the photos that we receive on December 2nd and open the contest up to a vote.

3. Optional: Like Cocky & Rude on Facebook.

4. The winner will be announced on December 3rd and will receive 100 Grand!*

Updated 5. No photo manipulation of any kind!

Updated 6. One entry per person.

*100 Grand refers to a single, standard size 100 Grand candy bar.


12 thoughts on “Cocky & Rude Is Giving Away 100 GRAND*!”

  1. I got rid of my ugly clothes along with my XLs a couple months ago. That’s too bad because I wouldn’t mind a candy bar.

    Sent from Poltsylvania

  2. Adam, is it only oine submission per person, cause I think I might have more than one hideous thing in my house. Remember, I throw nothing away and I lived through the 70’s. Just sayin…


      1. Can we clarify please that the submission needs to be an actual, unretouched photograph? ’cause if this turns into a photoshop competition, we shall all bow down to the Champion forthwith.

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