This Year’s Hottest Costume: Michelle M!

Last year, the hottest Halloween costume of the year in the United States (and Canada!) was Rainbow Poo.  This year, the Cocky & Rude crew are predicting that every little boy and girl that knocks on your door and begs for candy will be dressed as our very own Michelle M.  Click here (or the graphic below) to print out your very own Michelle M. mask, pigtails and the optional police placard (complete with the obstructed birth year!).  Assembly takes only moments, and you’ll quickly be ready to tromp around the neighborhood and beg for treats.

Just like last year, we beg & plead for kindly invite you to snap a photo of yourself wearing the mask.  Send your photos to and we’ll post them for everyone to see!


17 thoughts on “This Year’s Hottest Costume: Michelle M!”

  1. Am I the only one who thinks it a bit sad that Adam felt the need to include the instruction to “Cut along the dotted lines”? I mean, what does that say about what he thinks about the rest of us? Or for that matter, what DOES that say about the rest of us? 🙂


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