It’s Taco Time!

Last night I attempted to eat ten Taco Bell tacos. Was it a taco fiesta or a taco fiasco?
Let’s find out.

First we went to Blockbuster, so I’d have something to watch while I was cramming those tacos down.

Probably not the best selection I could make…

Next we went to our neighborhood Taco Bell to pick up our dinner.

Once we got home, I changed into my eating pants (pajamas),

and got my hot sauces ready.

We caught a back episode of Jeopardy.

One of those answers should be “What is Wonder Woman?”. None of them were. Boo!

I got down to business.

Midway, I had to take a break. And then again after tacos 7, 8, 9 and 10.

The last taco almost did me in. The taco shell was soggy and I felt like I was chewing wet paper napkins. Each bite was torture. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t have room, but that I couldn’t stand the taste and texture anymore. God, it was horrible.

But failure wasn’t an option, so I persevered and forced that sucker down.

So now we know:
1) Harry should never doubt me again,
2) I will make myself ill to prove a point and,
3) I will never eat Taco Bell again.


33 thoughts on “It’s Taco Time!”

  1. Michelle M. truly is Wonder Woman, although it would have been more prudent to choose a less gross food for the eating contest.

  2. 1. There are still Blockbuster stores?
    2. Your Taco Bell looks weird.
    3. Do you salt your tacos?
    4. Did Harry only eat 2 tacos? (12 pack – 10 tacos = 2 tacos) What a wimp!
    5. Love the hat! Love the eating pants!
    6. Without lettuce and cheese, is there anything on your tacos other than ground beef, taco shell and hot sauce?
    7. I’m so proud of you! I knew that you could do it!

  3. The photo montage is the best — watching your facial expression morph from eager excitement to a forced smile at the end. Priceless!

    Congratulations on your feat. What will the next food challenge be? Jalapeno poppers? Anchovies? Brussel sprouts?

  4. On the upside, your craving for Taco Bell has been put to rest, possibly permanently, so all is not lost, except a few months off your life as your body processes the chemicals it ingested. Well done. I shall not underestimate you henceforth.

    1. Yes, you have learned an important lesson. And you’re right, I don’t think I’ll be going to Taco Bell again. But maybe all the chemicals and preservatives will retard the aging process.

  5. I’m not worried about the preservatives retarding your aging process…..

    I’m both impressed and disgusted. I can’t believe a wee tiny waif like you could eat all 10 of those things. But srsly, how were you the day after?

    I don’t generally use salt. I will use it on eggs, but I only eat eggs like once or twice a year. If that.

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