The Taco Bell Challenge!

So over drinks on Saturday, I told Harry I think I can eat 10 Taco Bell tacos.
He doesn’t believe that this is possible.

So tomorrow I prove him wrong! What do you think? Just how many tacos* can I demolish? Let me know in the poll below and tune in on Wednesday to see Harry’s total utter and complete humiliation.

*crispy beef taco, beef only (no cheese, no lettuce) with one packet of hot sauce per taco.
That’s how I roll.

My biggest fan.


41 thoughts on “The Taco Bell Challenge!”

  1. I think I usually eat about 6 soft tacos, with meat, cheese, lettuce, and mild sauce. I figure that absence of lettuce is negligible, the absence of cheese may have more of factor on the comparison. However, given Michelle M.’s daintiness, I am going to say she could probably fit 5 tacos in her stomach.

    BTW: Harry’s beard is cool, and you have a very pretty bird.

    1. It’s been five years since I’ve been to Taco Bell, so I don’t have any information to help me make an educated guess, so I took Harry’s guess and bumped it up because I think he’s probably underestimating the power of a motivated Michelle.

      1. 12? I don’t have enough experience with Taco Bell to have any strong opinion on how filling the tacos are.

  2. Awsome though she is, I’m going with 6. Just a feeling I have, similar to the feeling I have after I eat Taco Bell food. Not very pleasant.

  3. I have never eaten at Taco Bell, so I only have Harry’s assessment to go by in this situation. While I believe Michelle will do what she can to prove she can eat 10, I voted 7 as I also trust Harry.

    By the way, seeing Harry’s beard and Polt’s ass on the screen at the same time is incredibly disturbing.

  4. I voted for 10 or more. *I* can eat 10 tacos easy…but then as big as I am and as small as Michelle M. is, I could probably eat three whole Michelle M.’s without blinking.

    Still, ya dont wanna challenge Michelle M. to anything. She’ll eat 15 tacos just to prove you wrong!


  5. Everyone is focusing on Michelle’s size, and her capacity to consume food. What is being forgotten (except perhaps by Tam) is MM’s waning desire to eat TacoBell tacos as she goes from #5 to #6 to #7. I think MM’s tenacity will be sorely tested.

    Having said that, I think MM will manage to eat 11, just to show she can. And I think she’ll eat 10 Tums (one between each taco). (At least I hope she does, for her sake.)

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