It’s Party Time!

Last Saturday, a few members of the Puntabugang C&R Army converged upon New York City for a festive evening of friends, vegan (and non-vegan) treats, booze, caffeine-free diet soda, pop music and great conversation.  A wonderful time was had by all, which you can see exhibited in the following 60 out-of-focus, grainy, and often odd photos (some of which were masterfully taken by “The Kid”).  Enjoy!

In attendance:
Chris D., FDot, “The Kid”, Kris, Mikey, Mr. Sombrero, Tam, Jeopardy! champion Ty, & Adam

Not in attendance:
Polt (says I have a sultry and sexy voice), Craig (was curled up in his bed crying over his urinary tract infection), Jere (he was too busy watching American Horror Story), and everyone else.


23 thoughts on “It’s Party Time!”

  1. I’ll look at the photos in more detail when I get home, but it does look, and did sound, like a fun time. Boo-hiss, for having a mortgage and missing it. 😦


  2. Urinary tract infection? So that’s what the “young” people are calling it these days. We used to call it the clap a “Urinary tract infection”.

  3. Hey! I thought you were going to photoshop me into the pictures, Adam.
    Lounging on the couch, snacking and talking with friends, sounds like the perfect evening to me. Wish I had been there : ).

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