It’s Taste Test Time!

There are certain brands that I always buy or order because I think that they are superior. But am I just being blindly loyal or do I really think they are the best? The only way to know is to compare them with their competitors in a blind taste test. So Harry and I decided to do just that.

We started with citrus sodas.

We tested them blindfolded to get the full soda experience.

Here is what we thought:


Michelle– it was okay – it was more limey/citrusy than the others
Harry – very sweet with a lemon/limey taste

Michelle– did not like at all – it had a chemical, artificial taste
Harry – had more of an upfront sugary taste

Mello Yello:
Michelle – supersweet and articial
Harry – too sugary – not happy with that one

Sierra Mist:

Michelle – has a weird aftertaste – not very citrusy
Harry – good – lemon-limey

Michelle – okay, I guess
Harry – sugary – not very good

So the winner was:

Michelle – Sprite

Harry – Sierra Mist

And the loser was:
Mello Yello. We both hated it.

Next up was soup – chicken noodle.

Except for the Organic brand, they all kinda looked the same.
Some definitely had bigger chunks of chicken and carrots.

Here is what we thought:

Wolfgang Puck:
Michelle – had a weird herby taste? Maybe fennel. I hate fennel.
Harry – some saltiness, decent flavors, good


Michelle – had a canned taste and a sweetness – like caramelized onions
Harry – had a bright taste

Healthy Choice:

Michelle – watery, no flavor, tasteless, needs LOTS of salt
Harry – a sharp, burnt taste, tastes like catfood, canned tuna, weird, blech


Michelle – had a weird taste – like dirt. It’s the worst!!
Harry – had a sharp, herb taste, pungent. It’s better than catfood.

Michelle – alright. The chicken was dry
Harry – the chicken was big, not as salty. The flavors come through.

And the winner was:

Soup in a box! We both chose the Organic brand

*Of course, the best chicken soup is my own not in the running homemade
(even when I forget to add in the celery).

The loser was:

Michelle – Campbell’s. The next day we got this coupon in the mail.
Maybe I should ask for a a refund…

Harry – Healthy Choice.

Which cracked me up because he bought a case of it at Costco.

We didn’t want to confuse out palates, so we saved salsa for last.
As you can see, Chachies is the brand we usually buy.

So how did our favorite measure up?

Michelle – good heat, too vinegary. I would not buy this.
Harry – was the spiciest heatwise – had strange tastes

Michelle – had a strong cilantro flavor. Not much heat. Was mushy in texture (except for some crunchy onion bits)
Harry – not too much tomato taste. Had more of a vinegar pickle relish taste

Michelle – tomatoey, nice heat. I like it.
Harry – Lots of tomato flavor. Not as hot as some of the others.

Santa Barbara:

Michelle – Had an oregano or thyme? flavor
Harry – Had some heat, a vinegar taste, muddled flavors

Michelle – nice, had an herby taste, not much heat, tastes like something you’d get at a restaurant
Harry – okay. More herby than the others.

So which salsa came out ahead?

Just like Joanie, we love Chachies!

And we both rated Rojo’s last. Ay caramba.

So, do you have a favorite soda, soup or salsa? And are you sure?
Maybe you should have a taste test of your own…

Make sure to join us next time in the M. test kitchen as we taste the letter P!


33 thoughts on “It’s Taste Test Time!”

    1. I didn’t use Fresca (or my favorite, Squirt) because they are grapefruity and too easy to identify.

      Fun fact according to Wikipedia: Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote that Fresca was the favorite drink of U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, who had a button installed on the desk in the White House’s Oval Office which would summon his military aide to bring the drink.

  1. What a cool post. I had Sierra Mist down here. Didn’t really do it for me. We don’t have it in Canada. For lemon-limey soda I think I like diet Sprite, but I’m not sure. I actually prefer fruity sodas. Other fruits.

    I sometimes think I like soup, but then I make it and … eh. Maybe that’s just soup in a can/box. I’m sure I’d love your homemade.

    I have to say Harry used some kick-ass food-tasting terms. He should be a judge on Iron Chef.

    1. I actually didn’t like any of the sodas, they were all too sugary. I normally drink diet soda but lately I’ve switched over to lemon flavored seltzer.

      As to buying the case of my least favorite soup, I usually add more than a dash of Sriracha that helps out the taste greatly.

  2. 1. I ❤ Diet Sun Drop!
    2. Meat is murder!
    3. When I buy salsa, I usually buy whatever salsa is cheapest and hope that it doesn't taste like crap.

      1. During the following couple days of eating salsa, I decided that Rojo wasn’t nearly as bad as the Margaritaville. Ugh, just tastes like pickle relish. I also noticed that the container of Margaritaville had expired a couple days before the taste test. I threw it out.

        1. I also noticed that the container of Margaritaville had expired a couple days before the taste test.

          This may have contributed to the putrid taste, or it could just be crap. Hard to say.

  3. This is an awesome post! Great idea! Wish I had thought of it. 🙂

    Soda: regular Pepsi (I know, not lemony-lime, but still)
    Soup: Mama Polt’s Homemade chicken corn soup
    Salsa: the stuff at Montezuma’s! It’s just perfect.

    But now i’m wondering, with the next installment being “P”, are you and Harry BOTH gonna be tasting Polt? 🙂


    1. You should do one too – there are enough letters of the alphabet for both of us : ).

      C might be for cola one day. I like to think I like Coca Cola, but maybe I’m a Pepsi girl…

      1. I’ve never trusted cantaloupe. Fruit cups should have yummy fruits like strawberries, grapes, or apples. The inevitable cantaloupe feels like a bait and switch.

  4. I drink Diet Sprite and Diet Sierra Mist almost exclusively. I like Sierra Mist as a change of pace and it isn’t as carbonated as Sprite.

    I love soup! It is the perfect meal, but it has to be home made. I will slum on occasion and get canned soup, but I always get lo sodium. I’m not a huge fan of salt and I find canned soup to be way too salty.

    1. I’ve been getting more into soups lately. They are nice option for when I don’t feel like doing a lot of work at night.

      1. Homemade soup kicks ass and it is so easy, though a bit time consuming. I don’t think I put salt on anything, but I love pepper. I’m also not a big fan of bacon. I’m an oddly picky eater.

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