A friend for john?

In case you didn’t know, everyone’s favorite bunny has decided to get a pet.
Which of these animals will make the cut?

has had rabbits before. He wants a pet that will be a little more interactive.

Too big.

Too lame.

Too Richard Parker.

A disaster in the making.


Probably none of these – john seems to be leaning towards a dog. Instead of a parakeet.

Which is silly, because, as everyone knows, parakeets are as good as or even better than dogs.

Why parakeets are better than dogs:

Their poops are smaller and easier to clean up
You’ll never see them pulling a “Toby”

They are cheaper (food, toys, care) than a dog
You don’t need to walk them
They bathe themselves
They will vote for you in important C&R elections
They don’t slobber all over you when you kiss them
They won’t hump your leg
They don’t have bad breath
They sing along to the radio with you
They love youtube

They can fly
They can talk (even though it’s creepy)
They get along well with rabbits

If john does get a dog,
he needs to decide on a breed.

He recently asked for input on his facebook question of the day.
The kid suggested a greyhound – but are greyhounds and rabbits a good mix?

A lab probably isn’t a good idea either…

Tam suggested a Cavalier King Charles spaniel…

Or a pug – which is a breed john likes.

Justin didn’t weigh in, but I’m sure he would suggest a Siberian Husky.

David P. suggested a large dog,

while Polt would go for a lap dog. Maybe a poodle, like Mama Polt’s Angel.

I am partial to Shiba Inus.

Or collies. You never know when you might fall down a well.

josh said to get a nice dog.

In one of my favorite Kids In the Hall bits, Bruce McCulloch sings the praises of a terrier:

So many choices!

So, john, if you do end up with a dog, I’m sure the lucky pooch you choose will be a great addition to your life and will provide you with lots of love, joy and companionship. Just don’t put a bandanna on it.


27 thoughts on “A friend for john?”

  1. Wow, I would never have suspected there are that many pictures of dogs and rabbits out there. Toby is funny. My fave pic was the little bun riding the turtle. Too cute. Good luck with the decision John.

  2. I think John should get Mr. Anderstan. He’s cute, easy to get along with and has no body hair, so he’s easy to maintain.

    Or a chiwawa.

              1. I’ve decided I’m going to follow the TwoPit route and everytime you type that, I’m just gonna read it as Polt Sass, cause we all know how SASSY I can be.

                However, I’ll read about Craiggers’ penis anyway I can!


  3. I love the Siberian Husky photo, Michelle 🙂

    It’s true I didn’t weigh in, and it’s true that I always get Husky or Husky mutts (or Malamutts) but in fact if I were to recommend a dog to John it would be a shelter or rescue dog. I think mutts are far preferable to “purebred” dogs in general. Plus, huskies are a difficult breed: very high-spirited, very stubborn, very independent, very hard to train. They are intelligent but they are not as “motivated to please” as other breeds so although they *can* be trained, it takes a very experienced dog-owner to do so. Unfortunately many of the most “striking” breeds in terms of looks (e.g., Dalmations) are like that: beautiful to look at, but hard work to manage. Huskies are more than worth it for me, but a great many huskies and dalmations and other “difficult breeds” end up in shelters because they were too much trouble for their owners to handle.

    And, “eww” on the poo photo and butt-dragging video 🙂

  4. Michelle, this is hysterical! Adam, as Michelle pointed out, I am very allergic to cats. I can’t be in their presence for more than an hour without symptoms, so no kitties for me.

    If I get a dog, it will most likely be a shelter dog. I like the idea of giving a dog a chance and I’m not sure I want a puppy. The bigger issue is my schedule. I’m just not home very often and it isn’t fair to leave a pet alone for 12 hours a day.

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