Montreal Vacation: Part 1

Last week, Mr. Sombrero and I traveled to the great country of Canada!  We had a great time in Montreal, hanging out with Tam & The Kid, seeing all of the sights, taking a day trip to Quebec City, sampling the local cuisine, making fun of the French-speaking locals, and partaking in all of the other great things that Canada has to offer.
Here are some of the highlights…

Mr. Sombrero stole an idea from Tam’s future NYC trip and opted for a short-term apartment rental in Montreal. For less than the cost of a hotel room, we had a spacious apartment with a full kitchen.  Oh, and there was a bowl of potpourri that I quickly fashioned into a pair of penises.

Here’s The first day that we were there, we hung out with everyone’s favorite Canadians: Nathan and The Kid! … And Tam!  The lady that took the photo of the group apparently couldn’t figure out how to take a photo with my camera, so I stole this photo from Tam’s site.

Canada has a chain of health food stores named Rachelle-Bery.  Not to be confused with Rachel Berry from Glee.
The new season of Glee starts tonight! Woo!

Canada is perfect in every way, they even have Subway restaurants!

While we were there, we got to see a little of the Montreal Grand Prix bicycle race.  Damn those bikes go fast!

The Montreal Tam-Tams are a drum circle based in Montreal, Canada. The free event gathers thousands of drum players, dancers, vendors and visitors, every Sunday, at the George-Étienne Cartier Monument in Mount Royal Park. The Tam-Tam festivities start at 1 pm and continue until sunset. Tam-Tams, or simply “tams” as they are sometimes called by locals, began in 1978 and over the years have become one of the main tourist attractions of the city. It’s basically a giant group of pot-smoking hippies, banging on drums and dancing in a cloud of marijuana smoke.

Here’s a parking kiosk with some colorful graffiti.  Clearly that artist didn’t read my post.

At one restaurant that we went to, I was known as an “Ultra Vegetarian” — how cool is that?

In Canada, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups aren’t possessive!  How weird!

On our second day, Mr. Sombrero and I took an Amphi-Bus tour around Old Montreal.  Here’s a view of Molson building from the river.

Here I am making a creepy face.  Check out my awful ginger ‘do!

In Old Montreal, they discourage swimming in the fountains.

Here’s a shot of the Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal.  Ooo pretty church!

The prices for stuff in Canada is all sorts of whack.  There’s a comma where a decimal point should be!  And the dollar sign is on the wrong side!  WTF?

On our second day in Montreal, we took the metro to the other side of the city.  It was the cleanest metro station I’ve ever seen!  A minute after snapping this photo, the entire station was evacuated due to some sort of emergency.  (It was all in French…)

We eventually made our way to Montreal’s Olympic Park where I made friends with this cute little kitty.

Our first stop in the Olympic Park area was the Montreal Biodôme.  Here’s a photo of of a Capybara, the largest living rodent in the world.  How freak’n cute is that giant rat!?

Here’s a photo of me getting my arm bitten off by an alligator!  Sadly, it’s not the first time.
And odds are, it’s not the last.

My arm was not enough to satiate that awful beast!  Next it bit off Mr. Sombrero’s head!  Egads!

And finally, here’s some penguins.  Because really, who doesn’t love to watch the penguins?

Are you bored yet?  Too bad!  My vacation photos continue tomorrow!


23 thoughts on “Montreal Vacation: Part 1”

  1. In the olden days, like a couple of years ago, you used to be able to go into Notre Dame Basilica (where Celine Dion got married) for free and look around. While I’m not a churchy person, it is GORGEOUS inside. However I refused to pay money to see the inside of a church.

    I’ve never heard of the wild Tam-Tam thingy. Huh. Sounds hippy dippy. We do love the penguins at the Biodome. So cute.

    Oh and the comma, wrong side dollar sign thing is purely a Quebec/French thing. The rest of us do it “normally”.

    I’m not bored! I wanna see what else you saw. 🙂

    1. Yes, yes he is. Funny, friendly, cute, you are going to be totally in love when you meet him. Adam will have to carry a big stick to beaat you back.

  2. “pot-smoking hippies, banging on drums and dancing in a cloud of marijuana smoke” – Yep sound just like Tam. 🙂

    Isn’t Canada wonderful? Not that I’ve ever been to Montreal, but other than all the French speaking going on, how different can it be from Toronto? 🙂

    Looks like a fun time!


    1. It’s true. The citizenship test has a dictation “the neighbour found it humourous when he had to manoeuvre the colourful togue on the lumberjack’s heaad”. Too many missing u’s and you back to the American cesspool of missing leters.

        1. That was a test to see if you’d catch it.

          I think the Reese thing might be particular to Quebec as French doesn’t use apostrophes, the make companies remove them. I hate peanut butter cups soI’m not 100% sure.

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