Have You Ever … Felt Like A Dumbass?!

There’s nothing wrong with being a dumbass (Adam). I have been a dumbass on several occasions. Why, I have done most of the things listed below – and several more to boot. Thankfully, the Have You Ever?! quizzes are only 25 items long. But enough about me – let’s find out who else will be brave enough to embrace their inner derp and share their dumbass score.

You know the rules: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever…

1. Have you ever waited for the light to change at a stop sign?
2. Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person?
3. Have you ever forgotten someone’s name right after you were introduced to them?
4. Have you ever found out you were singing the wrong lyrics to a song?
5. Have you ever accidentally worn two different colored socks/shoes?
6. Have you ever locked yourself out of your home/car?
7. Have you ever forgotten to buy the one thing you went to the grocery store for?
8. Have you ever tripped over your own feet?
9. Have you ever rambled on and on on answering machine?
10. Have you ever typed “you’re” instead of “your” or “it’s” instead of “its” by mistake (even though you know the difference)?
11. Have you ever discovered your fly was open?
12. Have you ever discovered that you had food in your front teeth?
13. Have you ever forgotten why you walked into a room?
14. Have you ever left your tickets at home?
15. Have you ever clapped during a pause in a concert?
16. Have you ever thought something was broken, when really it wasn’t plugged in/turned on?
17. Have you ever forgotten your wallet/not had enough money to pay for your groceries?
18. Have you ever insisted you were right, only to find out later you were wrong?
19. Have you ever left your headlights on?
20. Have you ever set your alarm for pm instead of am?
21. Have you ever forgotten to go to an appointment?
22. Have you ever gotten up early/got ready for work/school on a day off?
23. Have you ever discovered you’ve been pronouncing a word incorrectly?
24. Have you ever forgotten that something was cooking in/on the stove?
25. Have you ever looked for glasses that were on top of your head?

Tell us you’re total in the comments!


26 thoughts on “Have You Ever … Felt Like A Dumbass?!”

  1. Have you ever had to restart a “Have you ever…” because you lost count?

    18. I once returned a defective scanner for my computer, only to discover that the replacement unit had a power switch. D’oh!

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