10 Reasons Why Boobs Are Gross!

Boobs, Breasts, Knockers, Melons, Jugs, Ta-Tas, Fun Bags, Bazoongas, Tits, Honkers, Headlights, Hooters … whatever you call them, they’re just plain gross!  Previously we’ve discussed why vaginas and penises are gross.  Now it’s time to discuss those big, gross boobs of yours…

1. They flop around and need a special article of clothing to contain them.

2. They produce a natural beverage.

3. Over the years they begin to sag.

4. Boob sweat collects under the boob and can cause rashes or irritation.

5. They look like an ass on your chest.

6. Some have those blue veins running through them.

7. The nipples can be misshapen and sometimes look like pink erasers.

8. Some women get implants to make these gross things even bigger.

9. Sometimes one is bigger than the other.

10. Straight guys like to titty fuck them.


24 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Boobs Are Gross!”

    1. wtf? what dude calls boobs “fascinating?” just plain weird, you either see them and wanna fuck a girl, or if you’re like adam you run away screaming

  1. Well, the first chick’s boobs were certainly disgusting, but other than that, eh, boobs aren’t all that bad. Adam, I think you’re fear of boobs, va-jay-jays and your liking of teh buttsehs all goes back to the fact your mother didn’t breastfeed you. Or didn’t love you enough. Or dressed you in frilly little dresses. Something like that.


    1. Totally not PC Bro!

      You need to shut the fuck up with all of that hatefull bullshit right now, you fucking homophobe!

      I hope to God that someone comes along and slits your ignorant fuckin throat–and you die a horriblly painful death–you fuckin racist fuck!

      Fuck You! Seriously I hope you fucking DIE!

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