Ha! Madonna is such a bitch!

(details here, if you care)


11 thoughts on “Ha! Madonna is such a bitch!”

  1. The woman doesn’t like that type of flower, big freaking deal. She accepted it politely. Whatever. I have a MUCH more important topic:

    Adam, my love, I’m wondering why you think my ass is Emmy worthy? That’s all I can surmise by the Emmy ad. I mean, it IS terribly flattering and all, but I’m not what about my flat, hairy, sagging, fat old white man ass makes it Emmy worthy.

    I would suggest perhaps some therapy. And just remember, if you should ever plan to come to South Central PA, I will have a restraining order in place before you get here. Dont forget, I work in the judicial system, I know cops, attornies and judges and am not afraid to use them. 🙂

    Unless you’re wearing purple plaid….then we can talk.

    More to the point, Does Mr. Sombrero know about this obsession of yours?


  2. It’s not about what kind of flower was given. It’s about manners. And, did anyone notice her voice? It’s almost like madonna still trying to talk like she’s British again, or something. The mics were on, and we got just a taste of the real madonna. Her true colors shining through. What an icky person. And, she seems to have started a trend to wear sunglasses EVERYwhere. Others have imitated her. I think it’s very irritating. I know why she does it. She’s old.

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