The Great 2011 C&R Emmy Contest

This Contest Has Closed.

Welcome to the Great 2011 C&R Emmy Contest!  Wanna play?  Make your selections below.  We’ll announce the winner a day or two after the 63rd Primetime Emmy Award presentation airs on Sunday, September 18th at 8pm (eastern).  All ballots must be submitted before the award show begins.  Only your first ballot email will be accepted.  Prize will be mailed to the winner within 2 months of announcement.  Good luck!


9 thoughts on “The Great 2011 C&R Emmy Contest”

  1. Considering the only show on that entire list I’ve seen is Glee, I’m pretty sure I’m going to win the swag. And Maggie Smith better win, just because she’s all shades of awesome in general.

  2. I only watch a few of the shows and I haven’t seen any of the movies/miniseries. I based my picks on who I think will win, rather than should…i don’t know who should win…cuz that’s lame.

    1. I usually pick the big names Mikey because if you won an Oscar or something they automatically think you must be good.

      As for dressed I have a sneaking suspicion Tina Fey is going to wear satin, I don’t like satin.

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  4. I watch only a couple of these shows, so I just randomly guessed. I did watch Downton Abbey, so good for me! It’s hard to pick best/worst dressed when you don’t know who is attending/presenting, so I just went with who I thought would be the best/worst dressed nominees.

  5. I filled out some guesses, some wishes, based on what little telly I actually manage to watch. But my hunch is that this is just part of a massive identity theft scheme: next week’s contest will be to see whose bank routing numbers come closest to 53 when you add all the digits.

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