C&R Fight Club Round 2: Paul vs. VUBOQ vs. FDot!

Welcome to Cocky & Rude Fight Club: ROUND TWO!  The rules to the game are simple.  Each week we’ll re-introduce our fighters.  We’ll give them each a chance to speak their mind.  Then we’ll put the results to vote.  You’ll pick which combatant will decimate their opponent in the knock-down, drag-out brawl of Cocky & Rude Fight Club! Let’s meet this week’s fighters…

Each week of Round Two, we’ll drop three Round One winners into the ring and see who remains standing after a 24-hour Cocky & Rude Fight Club vote.  Today’s contestants are: Paul, VUBOQ & FDot.

Paul was our only contestant to face off against a destructive natural disaster.  Back on May 26th, Paul defeated a tornado in the C&R Fight Club battle of Swirl vs. Swirl with an impressive 93% of the popular vote.

Wow, this match up reminds me of the fight scene in Star Trek: Generations.  Three old guys, beating the crap out of each other in the rocky desert.  Since I am obviously the Malcolm McDowell in this battle, I will concede to my two opponents.  Now everyone had to decide who the “Kirk” is. -Paul

Can one man defeat Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, A. J. McLean, & Howie Dorough?  Of course he can!  In his C&R Fight Club bout, VUBOQ faced off against NKOTBSB (the New Kids on the Block / Backstreet Boys super group).  VUBOQ destroyed the nine boy-banders with 88% of the popular vote.

I’m really bad at trash talk.  So, um, I guess I’ll win because Paul and FDot seem really nice and I’m not really nice.  So there.  Take that. -VUBOQ

In the epic battle of Fan Favorite vs. Fan Favorite, we pitted Hollywood’s Tom Hanks against Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 Fan Favorite, FDot.  It was a struggle until the end, but FDot managed to beat the highest all time box office star with 67% of the popular vote.

Ok. Let’s see….. My competition is a guy who grew facial hair in an homage to Star Trek and a guy who consumes so much homemade hooch he addresses his blog posts to juvenile cats. Is there any need to trash talk? I just have to sit back and wait. Paul’s good counterpart will beam him back to the Terran Empire while VUBOQ’s operation will shortly be shut down by a joint task-force involving Uncle Jesse and Boss Hogg. As for myself, in case anyone has forgotten what my homemade chocolate chip cookies taste like, a win in Fight Club will surely allow me to refresh some people’s memories. That, and I’m awesome. -FDot

Who will win in the battle of  Paul vs. VUBOQ vs. FDot?  There’s only one rational way to decide who will win this battle. We’re putting this no-holds-barred fight to a vote. The poll will be open for approximately 24 hours, and you may vote as many times as you want. That’s right — we’re not blocking repeat votes, so vote now and vote often for your favorite Cocky & Rude Fight Club opponent.

Check back on Sunday for the results!

Thanks to Michelle M., Paul & VUBOQ for your assistance with this post!


19 thoughts on “C&R Fight Club Round 2: Paul vs. VUBOQ vs. FDot!”

      1. That threat is totally meaningless since they’re already DOING that. Tell me to vote for you and you’ll stop it from happening, and I’ll wear my lil clicker finger to the bone voting for you.


  1. You do realize that since only a certain “type” of person visits this site, that pretty much quarantees the winner when you pit someone known by visitors versus the likes of NKOTBSB? Fail.

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