19 thoughts on “The Vicious Attack that Reaffirmed my Veganism”

  1. No, no, no. According to Michelle Bachman, the frog was God sending you a message to stop government spending. Pat Robertson insists its God telling you to stop having the ghey buttsecks. The medieval leechers aren’t sure what the frog’s message was but they’re sure you’re about to get warts. Ancient Egyptians think the gods are blessing you with fertility and you will soon bear children. However, the ancient Chinese are sure that luck and wealth are coming to you. The fine French chefs thought the universe literally tossed a delicasy at you. Moses claims he was warning you to release your slaves and another fictional character, Mother Goose, claims the frog was a prince under a terrible spell and your true love.

    Messages from the universe, so hard to decipher.

  2. Well, I eat meat and have never been attacked by a frog, so I think you’re right. It’s a perfect correlation of proofs leading you down the cheeseless path. Oh and look who showed up at the Pride Parade Sunday.

  3. Clearly you are just being ridiculous. If a swarm of bees had attacked you after having some honey, then yeah, maybe. But a frog? Maybe it was a message from God that you’re not eating enough meat! He was throwing food your way and you ignored his message. tsk tsk tsk.


        1. Frogs are one of the Ten Plagues Of Egypt, along with water turnig to blood, lice, boils, locusts, and other nasty shit. Frogs on their own aren’t bad, bu Adam needs to watch out for the other stuff too. Then, oh and THEN my friend, he’d best beware!


  4. Think of all the amazing things we can do together if you start being a lacto-ovo-vegetarian again! Pizza! Ice Cream! Chocolate binges! and of course Cheese Balls (which may not contain any actual dairy products).

    That said…I think you should do what feels right to you. However, if you haven’t had dairy in a long time you may now be lactose intolerant.

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