My New BFF!

While some of you were digging out your umbrellas, battening down the hatches, and stocking up on bottled water, candles and Cheetos, Harry and I were on our way to see Kathy Griffin in concert!

I made a shirt for the occasion. This is my first foray into bedazzling. Yes, I know the “I” is crooked.

On our way to Costa Mesa.

It’s so great to be back in California! Colorado sucked.

We got into a little traffic on our way.

Yay! “Pop Music” by M.

Shout out to the Oldz (you know who you are).

I got hungry and needed a snack.

We had dinner at Gordon Biersch. Beer for Harry and a caramel martini for me. Yum!

I had the chicken curry lettuce cups (ok, but not very spicy – and the dish needed some lime).
Harry had a sausage party.

We had to pay for parking!! Don’t they know who we are?!! Sheesh.

On the way in we saw Team Griffin – or as Kathy calls them, “her gays”. It was cool to see them in person after seeing them with her on the My Life on the D-List, Same Name, and other shows.

We were second row, it was too awesome.

Kathy had tweeted that this was what she was going to wear, but really she wore black pants, a black shirt with a belt and flats. She is super tiny and has a Scarlett O’ Hara waist.

We went to the first show that night. They were taping both shows for a Bravo special to air in the middle of September. Kathy’s mom Maggie came out (with a glass of wine) to say a few words and introduce Kathy. She got a standing ovation and was adorable. Kathy was hilarious, of course. Some of her bits included the Kardashians, Cher, Anderson Cooper, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Marcus Bachman and Casey Anthony.

Harry (best husband ever) won a contest on Kathy’s blog to meet her between shows! So we hustled around to the back of the theater and then waited in a room backstage with 16 other people for a meet and greet. She only had a few minutes, so she wasn’t signing autographs. She was there just long enough to give hugs and take pictures. She was warm, engaging and super sweet to everyone.

I told her my cheeks still hurt from smiling and she said, “Thanks, that means I’m doing my job.”
She liked my shirt. As you can see we are totally bff!

She had done a bit about how she walks down the street and eyef*cks all the guys, so I asked her to eyef*ck Harry – and she did! I also asked her if she watched Dance Moms, and she said, “Of course.” I should have said something better, but I was an excited mess. Then she was ushered back out the door. It was all a blur and over way too soon. Kathy’s one of those people I would love to sit down and have a long chat with. I LOVE her.

Before the long drive home, Harry and I stopped at The Yardhouse and shared a brownie with ice cream (Diet? What diet?).

Other than briefly shaking James Taylor’s hand before one of his concerts, this was my first celebrity encounter. I couldn’t have asked for a better one!

So – did I not have the best night ever? What would you have said to Kathy? What celebrity would you love to meet? Let me know in the comments!


34 thoughts on “My New BFF!”

  1. It was actually Karl Strauss. Much better beer. I had the Boardwalk Black Rye (excellent) followed by the Amber Lager (meh).

    Kathy was funny. The atmosphere was completely fabulous. I haven’t been around so many nice guys since Craig’s party.

    1. I was wondering why the coasters said “KARL” if the restaurant was named Gordon Biersch. Michelle must have been so drunk that she didn’t even know where she was…

      You two need to recruit a local team of gays … or maybe move to the east coast and hang out with us??

  2. Michelle also met Ian Laperriere a few times while working at a preschool in Colorado because one of his sons was in her class.

    Can’t really think of any other celebrities I want to meet. Maybe Linus Torvalds or Bobby Orr.

    I’ve had beers with Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing. He’s a celebrity to some people.

    In 1995, I worked at AT&T in downtown Seattle. I worked out at the corporate gym and Sylvestor Stallone showed up for a couple weeks because he was in town filming “Assassins”. Didn’t say anything to him, just kind of nodded like guys at a gym do.

    In 1994, I won a contest and had dinner with Ozzy Osbourne at his house in England. That was cool. I actually had a one to one conversation with him after he found out I was in the Gulf War.

  3. Wow, how cool. She sounds fun and lovely.

    Hmmm. I’ve met Robert Munsch the children’s author a few times. I’ve met Jim Balsilie, the owner of Blackberry. Is he famous?

    Not sure who I’d like to meet. Someone from the royal family. The Queen or Harry. Rowr.

  4. I’m incredibly jealous! Looks like an amazing time. I’d love to see Kathy’s show some time. I’ve told Mr. Sombrero that the top 2 comedy shows that I want to see are Kathy Griffin and Sarah Silverman.

    Harry had a great time @ Kathy Griffin, hanging out with gays, AND he had a “sausage party” for dinner? Is there something he wants to tell us?

  5. Man, can I be married the Harry the next time he wins a contest? Jeez. Glad to know she’s as cool in person as she appears on stage.

    Famous people I met? Hmm. Well other than the Puntabupeeps, I dont know that there IS anyone. Celebrities don’t come to South Central PA very often.

    OHohohoh, I was into Toronto once and talked to Shawn Ashmore on the street! This was right after he was in the first X-Men movie. Got a photo of him too. Great guy. Cute as all giddy-up. And I stood less then ten feet from Al Gore when he was VP, but I didn’t actually meet him. Other than that, nope, nobody famous.


    1. When I was in high school we (the marching band) played at a Christie Whitman rally. Yay NJ Republicans! After the rally she took a picture with the whole band … but we didn’t all fit in the photo so she looked right at me and yelled (presumably to everyone) “COME ON! SHOVE IN!!” She was bitch. (And went on to work as administrator of the EPA under George W. Bush.)

      1. Yes, actually I did know that, and once I found out, it led to several reoccuring fantasies that, for the sake of everyone, I shall not recount here.


  6. Wait? You get to be a) married to Harry, b) have him win awesome prizes, c) get to eat all that amazing food and d) meet kathy griffin!!!!! I’m so jealous….this tops all of my celebrity sightings from February.

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