Tam’s First Day At Her New Job

Continuing with yesterday’s Tam-theme, I present you with a series of illustrations based on Tam’s recent tweets.  In case you missed it, Tam started a brand new job yesterday.  Please enjoy my interpretation of her first day at the new job…


26 thoughts on “Tam’s First Day At Her New Job”

        1. See I said that earlier, WAY too similiar! 🙂 And I’d love to peek in Tam’s windows, cause that would mean I’m in Canaida-land and therefore, closer to Toronto!


    1. Thankfully I now park in the building I work in, so no more walking outside and finding worms. YAAAAYY!!! It’s the best part!

    1. Nah, it’s a nail with a little bit of wire. It’s meant to signify that the office is empty and void of all Tam’s stuff. I guess I failed?

  1. I didn’t tweet about watching the two pigeons race along the other roof. Or maybe they were mating. One or the other. I also browbeat the mail people into sending my boxes over by truck. Yay me. I should have shoes this morning.

    Is it going to be Tam Week at C&R? Like shark week but with slightly less blood and gore? Only slightly.

    1. Oh yeah and I love how our mail-room guy also works part-time at Best Buy. LOL

      Seriously, the one conference has a poker tournament, golf tournament and go-kart tournament as part of the formal conference program. WTF? Game designers. *shakes head*

      1. Why draw two people when I can recycle the first one? Actually Tam and the Mailroom/Best Buy guy share the same head with different haircuts and eye colors. I’m lazy!

    1. lol it’s because they have the same face :-X Do you like that the shoes are high heels when they’re x-rayed, but oval flats when she’s wearing them?

      1. I just thought Tam was the only one in Canada who knew what she was doing. As for the shoes, I did suspect something was amiss as she wasn’t any taller.

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