Tam Riding Things

Once upon a time our favorite butter loving southern belle, Paula Deen, jumped on the back of fellow Food Network star Robert Irvine and a meme was born. I thought it was hilarious and sent in some submissions. They posted six, but some didn’t make it. Sadness! And the premise of some of my submissions popped up much later from other contributors (and looked inferior, might I add). Outrageous! After bitching (and moaning) to Adam about it, he suggested I send them to C&R to post. But Paula Deen Riding Things is so 5 months ago. Instead, here is the ever awesome Tam. Riding things. Enjoy!

Tam goes to the movies:
I think I hear banjos, eh?
Tam and children’s lit.
Where the wild things are… with Tam of course!
Up in the air – with Tam!
Two of my favorite ladies!
Tam and carrot tops.
Did I mention I’m going to see Kathy?? Second row!! SO EXCITED!
Unicorn chaser, anyone?
Tam and her trusty steeds.
The four Tams of the apocalypse
Tam’s got a ticket to ride, and she don’t care.


24 thoughts on “Tam Riding Things”

  1. Given Tam’s history of pervery, I guess it’s a no-brainer that she would want to peg a guy. What I didn’t know was that she actually wanted to BE the peg.

    The things you learn.

  2. ROFL Brilliant. Made me laugh out loud. Me on Polt’s butt is classic and I agree, Green Craigs and Ham is pure genius. Too bad my hands weren’t around Edward’s throat, slowly throttling the life, ummm, whatever, out of him.

    I’ve actually been on that Dumbo ride, unfortunately I didn’t have a margarita, that may have made it more palatable.

  3. Human Centipede and Dr. Seuss are definitely my favorites. Polt’s ass wins the prize for most disturbing. I’m glad that photo exists … and will never die!

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