Baby. No Bath Water.

Five? Nah, one. I have one thing that tickled me to the point that I felt like sharing it with you this week. And yes it is a video. But this is no ordinary video. It is the product of adorableness and intelligence. The kind of video that results from hours of preparation and hours of hilarity. It also features a baby. Babies are the cure to all evils. I know this because I have seen this video. I don’t think there is more I can do to introduce this video without destroying the beauty and humor of it. So without further ado…I give you an interview with a one year old.

Now…I do not know that those are the exact words of that one year-old and I do not know that those are even close to the thoughts in his head, but I do know that I nearly died of laughter and tears the first time I saw it. Who can not see an infant interacting with an adult with that subtitling and not gasp for air?

That is all I had this week to discuss. Babies plus humor equals hours of laughter. I hope you agree.


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