C&R Fight Club: CHRIS D. Defeats MISTER ROGERS!

Chris D. and Mister Rogers.  Such nice guy … we weren’t even sure they’d even fight.  But when push came to shove, Chris D. managed to walk away from Thursday’s Cocky & Rude Fight Club bout with an impressive 88% of the votes.  And even though he only scored just 12% of the votes, we at C&R commend Mister Rogers for managing to do so well — considering he’s been dead for eight years.  Most guys that have been dead for so long would have rotted away by now.  But apparently not Mister Rogers.  There must have been a lot of preservatives in those brightly colored cardigan sweaters!  So congratulations to Mister Rogers, and …



3 thoughts on “C&R Fight Club: CHRIS D. Defeats MISTER ROGERS!”

  1. I’m afraid to go to sleep tonight; Zombie Fred Rogers will haunt my dreams for sure.

    Congrats to Chris D on taking him down. Now can we get after that annoying piano player on the show?

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