C&R Fight Club: RYAN Defeats THE MUFFIN MAN!


If given the option, would you eat a delicious, sugary, icing-covered cupcake?  Or would you eat a muffin — a dense, cakey, baked good, stuffed with fruit and pretending to be healthy … oh, and there’s no icing.  The choice is very simple: anyone in their right mind would choose the cupcake.  Another simple choice was who would win in the Cocky & Rude Fight Club battle of Muffin Man versus Ryan With A Cupcake.  Without even trying, Ryan destroyed the Muffin Man, leaving only a single muffin crumb behind.  The cupcake-love’n Californian scored 99% of the popular vote (75 votes), leaving the loser from Drury Lane with a measly 1% (1 vote).  We at C&R believe that Ryan’s delicious icing was just too good to pass up.



8 thoughts on “C&R Fight Club: RYAN Defeats THE MUFFIN MAN!”

  1. All one had to do was analyze multicomponent receptive fields from neural responses and it would be obvious that Cupcake would prevail.

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