I might be a chick.

On the one hand, I know it will be terrible.  But on the other, I can’t wait to see it.

What does that say about me?

New Year’s Eve drops (like a ball) into theaters on 12/9/11.


14 thoughts on “I might be a chick.”

    1. Seriously, after rewatching the trailer, I didn’t realize OSCAR WINNER HALLE BERRY was in it until right before they put her name on the fucking screen.

  1. The only way I’m seeing that is if right after the ball drops, Ashton, Zac, Seth and Ludicris get into a fourgy. And seriously, DeNiro must be close to bankruptcy to even come close to some drek like this.

    Adam, by wanting to see this, you couldn’t be more of a girl unless you started menstrating right this very second.


  2. I couldn’t post here today. Grrr. Anyway, I predict a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 15% on opening weekend only to decrease to an overall rating of 9%.

    1. I was checking out the Rotten Tomatoes ratings today while my friends and I were considering watching a movie. I feel bad for NPH. Smurfs is at 9%.

      1. Ugh. I love the guy and I get that he wanted to make a movie his kids could watch someday but really, that was a very bad decision. Although he be proud that he’s not at the Sarah Palin level which is 0%.

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