Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Or in my case, laziness. So here are some ideas that were stolen inspired by some of my favorite bloggers.

Polt’s Palace features Superman Sundays and Shirtless Mondays. Here is my pic combining the two:

Knitting and gorgeous photos can be found on Cabezelana. I don’t know how to knit, so I hopped on a plane and headed for Mel’s future home, Iceland, to see what all the fuss is about.

I Deny You the Nidus! has a macabre little game called “Guess That Grave.” FDot gives three clues, but I couldn’t narrow it down. Who knew dead people could be so fascinating?
This person:

  •  set an equine high jump record that stood for more than 25 years
  •  originally wanted to be a math (yuck) professor.
  •  had an aversion to any kind of profanity, noting that it was a waste of time. No off color stories were allowed to be told in his presence.
  • suffered intense migraine headaches which were sometimes reported as bouts of drunkenness.
  • was tone deaf and could not recognize any of the light airs of the time; military music was especially annoying to him.
  •  abhorred red meat of any kind, and the sight of blood made him ill. Consequently, he insisted on his meat being cooked on the verge of being charred. He would not eat any kind of fowl, but was fond of pork and beans, fruit, and buckwheat cakes.

Tam’s Reads has book reviews galore (interspersed with photos of hot guys!). Here is my book report of Tina Fey’s Bossypants:

This book is filled with sarcastic, self-deprecating humor – from the picture on the front to the blurbs on the back. It’s a fast read that touches on Tina Fey’s work and personal life. I wish she had gone into a little more depth regarding Mean Girls (and her other movies), her years at SNL, and her experiences at 30 Rock. And there was no dish about the celebrities she has worked with. I demand gossip! But bonus points for including unflattering photos of herself. I would recommend this book – but not enough to buy it. Borrow it from a friend or from the library.

Enrico at Hotel Tuesday posts the most adorable journal entries from his childhood. I don’t have any schoolwork saved from my childhood, but I did find this “ghost in the attic” tucked in a book. I think I was in 2nd or 3rd grade at the time:

So, did I find a puppy under the tree?

Just like Josh is Trashy, I have a Monday Muse as well. Behold the wonderment of Sponge Lady:

Social butterfly VUBOQ blogs about his wonderful pottery, yummy cocktails, ironing, blobbing and hanging out with letters of the alphabet. I can’t stand clay under my nails, so here I am ironing and enjoying a martini. Later I blobbed on the couch with H.

Xi_Heather and TwoPi have a math blog, 360. Like Barbie, I am allergic to math. I do have a nifty calculator with sparkly buttons, though.

Marry, F*ck or Kill on Jere’s blog, Blind Prophecy is a fun and thought provoking game. You must pick one person you would marry, one you would make sweet love to and one you would meet in the conservatory with a lead pipe. Here is the “all grown up” edition.
Choice One: Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills 90210, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
Choice Two: Jason Bateman (Silver Spoons, Arrested Development)
Choice Three: Mark Paul Gosselaar (Saved By the Bell, Bangers and Mash)

Perspectologist often contains thoughtful explorations of Chris D.’s life/feelings (with  bonus nudie pics). But I don’t have feelings. And you do not want to see me without clothes. TRUST.  So we’ll just move along.

Cocky & Rude‘s Mikey and YouTube videos go hand in hand. Here is a video that made me cry kawaii tears.  Forget  puppies, I want Asian twins for Christmas!

Craig’s debates at Puntabulous are both controversial and hysterical. Here, Harry and I debate dark chocolate (yuck!) vs. milk chocolate (delicious!). Who do you think makes the most convincing argument? (Don’t forget who can paste your head on something unfortunate).

David P. at Someone in a Tree has a weekly tent pitch. So I found a tent pitch of my own to share.

And here are David’s answers to the C&R Studio (better late than never).
Fave word: vacation
Least fave word: sorry
Turn on: muscles
Turn off: slovenliness
Sound likes: harmony
Sound dislikes: car alarms
Vocation like to try: actor
Vocation least like to try: sanitation worker
If heaven exists, what would he like God to say: “Thank you for all your hard work.”

Paul at Where The Parkway Ends (is he ever going to start blogging again?) posts catchy little tunes for your drive to and from work. Here is my boppy little “Friday Morning Commute Sing-a-long Song.”  What Do All the People Know is a one-hit wonder from the San Diego band, The Monroes:

John doesn’t have a blog, but he does have a Question of the Day he poses on Facebook. The trend these days seems to be for marines to ask celebrities to the Marine Corp Ball. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have already accepted. Betty “Heartbreaker” White declined (luckily, Linda Hamilton came to the rescue). Anywayzle, here is my QOTD: If you were a marine, which celebrity would you invite to the ball?

Mush at Goblinbox is a bento magician. She really makes the most mouthwatering bento boxes. This is my first foray into bento-ing. Those little tortilla people are Mikey and Adam.

Don’t they look delicious?

Adam likes to live on the edge. Here is a gross/dangerous game he likes to play on Cocky & Rude. But why should he have all the fun? How many goldfish crackers (Xplosive Pizza!)* do you think Harry can cram into his mouth?

*I will never eat goldfish crackers again.

I’ll give the grave and mouth cram answers in the comment section at the end of the day. Thanks for all the entertainment/humor you have provided through your blogs – you guys are the best!


19 thoughts on “Blogorama!”

  1. Oh my. Well done.
    You look amazing on a reindeer.
    Equine High jump? I’ll go with King George.
    Are those Tina Fey’s midget husband’s arms?
    I’m sorry you didn’t get a puppy.
    Is it wrong that I am totally enthralled by sponge lady. Damn, she can do plaid. Bitch has skills. Right Adam?
    I’ll marry Jason, f*ck Brian often and kill Marc-Paul, in large part because of his pretentious dick name.
    I believe you can get Asian twins for around $20K, they might be girls though.
    Milk Chocolate wins!!!!!
    I need to go camping.
    I’m going to the ball with …. The Rock, wearing what he’s wearing in the first pick. All the girls and half the boys will be jealous.
    Bento boxes are so cute. Mikey and Adam are so cute.
    Ummmm. 33.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of blogstuff right there! Okay, here we go: Grave belongs to Beethoven (which i know is wrong, but the deafness is all I got to go on); I admire fake forced enthusiasm like the Sponge Lady has; I’ll not marry any of the boys, but f*ck them all until the die? Am i allowed to do that?; the twins are so cute…but they’ll be even cuter in 16 years of so when they’re Asian twin twinks! (one hopes with hairthings); Milk chocolate for the win; I’d go to the Marine Ball with any hunky Marine that would take me!; and Im going with 27 fishes.


  3. Ulysses S Grant; 40 goldfish. FANTASTIC post! (And thanks for reminding me that I once contributed to a blog. I wonder what my password is?)

  4. I have no clue about the graves, but find it fascinating that military music was the most annoying.
    I don’t like Tina Fey. There I said it. I don’t hate her, I just don’t find her that funny.
    You should have asked for a bunny.
    The Sponge Lady KILLS me! I swear she is sitting on a vibrator.
    Kill Brian, Marry Jason, F*ck Mark
    The Asian twins are fantastic! The kid on he visual right has totally got some swagger going on! But the kid on the visual left can sing and dance!
    Dark chocolate rules, milk chocolate drools.
    I never liked camping.
    I’d ask Kate Beckinsale to the Marine Ball.
    Bento Mikey and Adam are hysterical! Bento Adam kinds looks like Mr. Bill.
    I’m going to guess 38 goldfish. And H. needs to be canonized.

  5. 1. I just don’t get the appeal of The Rock. Sorry!
    2. Yay Bjork!
    3. Ulysses S Grant
    4. I love Tina — can’t wait to read the book
    5. I wish that Enrico didn’t hate me! :-X
    6. I love that crazy old sponge coot!
    7. “hanging out with letters of the alphabet” Ha!
    8. BOOBIES!
    9. Marry & Fuck Brian Austin Green. Kill anyone that gets in the way of our love!
    10. Shake it like a Polaroid picture!
    11. Milk chocolate is delicious (i remember!), but Dark is most likely vegan…
    12. I want to go camping!
    13. I know everything
    87. mmm beans
    95. 38
    Did I miss any?!

  6. TwoPi and Adam got it right. That is Hiram Ulysses Grant, aka Ulysses S. Grant. Or what’s left of him.

    Harry managed to shove 87!! goldfish crackers – Xplosive Pizza! in his mouth. It was pretty gross. TwoPi wins again!

    1. lol! I didn’t realize that TwoPi had already guessed Grant when I google-cheated and found the answer. Oh well…

      And holy Justin Bieber’s Cun+! That’s a lot of goldfish!

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