It’s The Black Friday Five!

Each Friday, we at C&R present you with our five favorites of the week.  We call it … The Friday Five.  This week, there are exactly five things that we can’t get enough of.  Here they are:

This week’s runners up include: retro microphones, Rachel Berry bangs, old red carpet footage, bubbles, awkward claps, disappearing moles, limes, singing in the mirror, choreographed dance numbers, and sing’n in the back seat.  What are your five favorites of the week?


5 thoughts on “It’s The Black Friday Five!”

  1. Wow. That was some five there. My all-time faves this week are:

    air conditioning in my bedroom
    take-out food at the grocery store
    air conditioning in my car
    fast food drive-thrus
    air conditioning at work

  2. I can see by all the comments that everyone LOVES Rebecca Black!
    Those pants the dancers are wearing (hammer style?) are godawful. And Rebecca has gotten her boobies (Samantha Baker’s grandmother)! Who knew?! I had to go back and watch “Friday” and she had them there too. They were just camouflaged. So, yeah.


  3. Saw the pop-up ad 25 seconds in, and thought “What? Video of you sitting at the mixing board *isn’t* behind the scenes footage?”

    Unwatchable with speakers on “mute”; don’t want to even try hearing this. Surely her 15 minutes are up.

  4. Air conditioning.
    My new found ability to laugh at stress at work. Srsly, had the church giggles at work today.
    My family. They are pretty awesome.
    New Music, though not specifically Michelle Black’s new song.
    I’m kind of digging Question of the Day on facebook. Not all of them are good, but there have been some fun discussions. (cough*shamelessplug*cough)

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