Have You Ever… While House Sitting?!

It’s been a rough week for me so far. Sure it’s only Wednesday, but in addition to long hours at the office (including some incredibly long hours learning a super-boring new newspaper classified layout system), I’ve been driving to a friend’s house most nights to keep an eye on her cat (whose name is “The Whore”). And there’s still a lot of classified training and cat shit scooping ahead of me for the rest of the week. My friend is on her honeymoon at the Galapagos Islands for almost two weeks, and I’m driving way too many miles to clean a spiteful cat’s shit off of her living room carpet. Is it just me, or did I get the short end of the straw?

All this pet-sitting got me to wondering … what sorts of things do people do at their friend’s and family’s houses while sitting? Today’s Have You Ever quiz applies to pet sitting, plant sitting, house sitting, and any other kind of sitting that you can think of. But for the sake of my sanity, we’ll just call it all “house sitting.”

The rules are simple: For each question that you answer β€˜yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever?!

1. Have you ever house sat for a friend or family member?
2. Have you ever agreed to house sit and then forgotten to go to their house?
3. Have you ever house sat for a fee?
4. Have you ever regretted agreeing to house sit?
5. Have you ever forgotten to do one of your assigned tasks while house sitting?
6. Have you ever snacked on food that didn’t belong to you while house sitting?
7. Have you ever snooped around the house while house sitting?
8. Have you ever broken something important while house sitting?
9. Have you ever stolen something while house sitting?
10. Have you ever stained something while house sitting? (booze, bodily fluids, etc.)
11. Have you ever used a computer while house sitting for nefarious purposes? (downloading porn, performing on a webcam, etc.)
12. Have you ever tried on someone else’s clothes while house sitting?
13. Have you ever accidentally left the lights on, left the door unlocked, or left windows open while house sitting?
14. Have you ever experienced a household emergency while house sitting? (burst pipe, broken A/C, etc.)
15. Have you ever experienced an emergency with a pet while house sitting? (injury, illness, etc.)
16. Have you ever forgotten to feed or water a pet while house sitting?
17. Have you ever killed plants or garden while house sitting?
18. Have you ever killed a pet while house sitting?
19. Have you ever brought a friend along while house sitting?
20. Have you ever thrown a party while house sitting?
21. Have you ever had sex in the house while house sitting?
22. Have you ever had neighbors call the police on you while house sitting?
23. Have you ever discovered that the house was robbed while house sitting?
24. Have you ever been caught for and/or called out on any of these offenses after house sitting?
25. Have you ever ended a friendship based on something that happened while you were house sitting?

Have you ever done anything else while house sitting?Β  Tell me all about it in the comments — and don’t forget to post your total points, too!


14 thoughts on “Have You Ever… While House Sitting?!”

  1. Three. I haven’t done it often, so less opportunity to rack up points.Still, it’s kind of a rarity that I score higher than Jere.

  2. 4. But I’m only including the times I checked in on Ghosties cats and all the times when Mama Polt was away and I took care of the dog.


  3. 4! One summer I housesat for a gay couple who had three cats. The two youngest cats loved me but the oldest cat HATED me. She would scratch me every time I came near her. She also spent the entire time under a bed in the guest room and I was convinced she never ate.

  4. 4 here as well. I did once use a computer for nefarious purposes… it was the old days before websites, I’d found some images that were…interesting (on gopher!), but my own computer was b&w, and theirs had a color monitor. I did have advance permission to hang out, cook, watch tv, etc… in order to keep their cat company.

  5. 7. The people that I’m working for are really lenient though. They told me to eat the food, use the computer (though I haven’t abused the privilege), invite my boyfriend, and drive the car. All for their needy cat, who is very sweet. They’re gone for a week and offered to pay, so of course I jumped at the opportunity.

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