Summer Fun

It is full-on summer here on the East Coast. The sun is high and hot. The humidity is going through the roof. White girls are laying on pebbles that could be made into glass and baking their skin into brown crisps, only to have their epidermis turn into leather in middle age. People are also doing all sorts of other insane things.

What is it about the summer that makes people do things that might get them committed to a hospital? When the weather gets sunny, we humans start doing things like bungee jumping and surfing. Things that could easily result in our fragile necks being snapped in two parts, our vertebrae poking out of our flesh. Maybe the sun fries more than just our skin and makes our brain cells act bonkers.

Why do I seem so plagued with these questions? Because I saw this:

What stupid things have you done during the summer?  Do you have any regrets?


12 thoughts on “Summer Fun”

  1. I can’t see the video. *sad face* does taking 40 elementary school kids camping at a lake count? I can’t believe we didn’t lose one. Mostly i was a good girl.

  2. Growing up I spent summers on the beach or at the pool. Then I swam at an outdoor pool competitively from jr. high through high school. Then I worked at a city pool year round for four years. I regret all that sun. Sun spots – yuck. I can’t believe I don’t look more like a raisin. We didn’t know about sunscreen back then.

    1. I am just hoping that the temps in Chicago cool down before we get there. Outdoor concert all day in 100+ temps? Noooo.

      Oh and I can finally see the video. Ouch.

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