It’s The Friday Five

Just about every week, Cocky & Rude presents you with a Friday Five.  It’s a list of our five favorite things of the week, wrapped up in a concise package for you to enjoy.  This week is no different.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy (dramatic pause) the Friday Five.

First up this week is Chris Crocker.  You may remember him from a few years ago when he urged the world to LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!  Fast forward all the way to 2011 and it seems that Chris has had a bit of a makeover.  He’s now recording music, living with his boyfriend, … and will be starring in a full-length gay porno this summer!  (Very NSFW preview photos can be found on Unrated Perez.)  Oh, and he also has a Tumblr page, where he posts photos and answers questions like, “how do you know when someone loves you for you, and not for what you have, or what you can do for them?”  Music, Porn, Dear Abby Chris … he’s a triple threat!  Woo hoo!  Way to go, Chris Crocker!  I wonder if he still likes Britney?

Next up this week is something a little bit more G-Rated: Bicycling! I love to go on long bike rides (featuring tired muscles and a sore ass).  But lately, my schedule has been so busy and my self has been so lazy that I just haven’t hopped onto the old 2-wheeler.  So yesterday, for the first time this summer, I pumped up tires, tossed my bike into the Fit and drove to Washington Crossing State Park (that’s where Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas in 1776 and changed the course of he American Revolutionary War).  From there I rode my bike north along the D&R Canal Trail to just north of Lambertville, NJ.  That’s a round trip of about 16 miles!  Woo!  Note: if you don’t see any blog posts after today, it means that I’ve died.

Third this week is the United States Postal Service!  I must admit that it was going to be on my list of most hated things this week (because I am still waiting for all my birthday cards and presents from ALL of the C&R readers (Polt not included — he sent me a lovely card with cute boys on the front)) but the USPS really came through for me this week.  They delivered Mush‘s prize for winning Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 in two days (yes, I just sent it THIS week, and yes, she won the contest on March 31st).  I paid for the cheapest way to mail the box (because I’m poor) which claimed that it would get it to her in about 7 days … and it took 2.  From New Jersey to Washington state in 2 days.  I’m impressed.  Oh, and speaking of the USPS, it’s also the cause of Patton Oswalt’s most recent tragedy.  Enjoy:

Fourth this week are kittens!  As a bunch of you already know, I volunteer every week at a cat shelter, where I clean up various disgusting fluids (like diarrhea, vomit, pee, etc.), empty litter boxes, replace food and water dishes, sweep, vacuum, bleach, scrub, squeegee, etc.  Along with all my cleaning duties, I also get to spend a little time playing with cats … and kittens!  The summer months always mean that we have lots of kittens … and in case you were somehow unaware, kittens are amazing.  Not only are they playful and fun, they’re also soft, (usually) friendly, and most of all, they’re freak’n adorable.  Check out this kitten video that Tam passed on to me:

And finally this week is the TV series,  Fringe.  I always try my best (unlike some bloggers) to avoid blabbing on and on about old TV shows that I’m watching.  But I just finished watching three seasons of Fringe (over the course of about 3 weeks) and I wanna scream about it!  How come I never watched this show?  Have you seen it?!  It’s great!!  Granted, I love J.J. Abrams, the guy could take a dump for 2 hours, film it, call it a movie and I’d probably love it… But now I gotta wait until the fall season to see more FringeInconceivable!!!

So that’s this week’s Friday Five.  Do you love it?  Chris Crocker, Bicycling, the USPS, kittens, and Fringe!  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Or does it?  Tell me all about your five favorite things of the week in the comments!

Oh, and by the way, this week’s runners up are: the new cheap wok that I bought at Ikea, extra firm tofu, Trivial Pursuit questions (not the whole game), turtles, eBay, cancelling your Netflix subscription, and hardcore gay porn.


18 thoughts on “It’s The Friday Five”

  1. Fringe is one of those shows that most people apparently avoided at first, then got bored over a summer and decided to check it out, then they became raving fans. I call this evidence that Fox can’t market genre shows for shit.

    1. I think I initially didn’t watch it because I was so pissed about some other show that they cancelled. Probably Terminator or Dollhouse, both of which were fantastic.

  2. I gave up on Fringe after the first episode. Maybe I should give it another try…
    Yay – I’m reading Patton Oswalt’s book. I’m only about 5 pages in, though.
    There’s a joke somewhere about Crocker’s name and putting the cock in Crocker – but I’m too brain dead to figure it out.
    We canceled our Netflix a while ago. We’ve been doing Blockbuster instead. It’s cheaper and we can get stuff at the store as well as mail it.

    I don’t have a five, but I think my new favorite show (of the moment) may be Dance Moms.

    Don’t die!

  3. 1. I have to say Chris Crocker got hot once he butched it up. The questions/answers on his site were hilarious. Although it was a bit like a train wreck. I couldn’t stop scrolling no matter how bad it got.
    2. Aren’t you Mr. Athlete.
    3. Canada Post sucks. Super expensive (over $1 to mail a postcard to the US) and slow and of course we had a strike. It took from June 30 to July 13 to get the kid’s report card 1.5 miles down the road. Oh well done. They could have strapped it onto a turtle and gotten it here faster.
    4. I love that kitten video and the whole YouTube channel by that guy has some adorable/funny videos. The cat attacking itself and kicking itself in the face (mental) and the frightened chameleon are great.
    5. As Jere noted, I was one of those people, except for the started watching Fringe and raving about it after. Although your description the other night of LSD and cartoon brains intrigued me.

    1. 2. DUH!
      3. What is “Canada” ???
      4. I love that it starts grooming itself at the end. Cats are so OCD!
      5. It was quite funny. Just about every main character was on LSD, poking around the brain of another character that was possessed/inhabited by a different (presumably) dead character. At one point, everyone became animated. So weird!

        1. An evening at home with a bottle of wine and a box of tissues… somehow I doubt this is at all related to your fragile writer’s ego.

  4. I’ll just pat myself on the back for the card-sending and go look at the C-Crock’s porn shots again. Who knew he could EVER be hot? (course we can’t HEAR him in the photos. If he’s still got that high pitched sqeaky, whiney voice thing going, it’s just gonna ruin him as a fantasy for me).


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