Let’s All Start Having Some Babies!

Let’s face it.  Most of our readers beginning to look a little long in tooth.  Some of you only have a few more good years before your insides dry up and begin to reject the idea of baby-making.  It’s right time that we all started rubbing our nether regions together with the single goal of squirting out the next generation of bloggers, before it’s too late.  Gay, straight, indifferent, not even human?  I don’t care what you are!  Start banging, because we need to procreate!

But which of us will create beautiful babies, and which of us will create horrible monsters, unlike the world has ever seen?  Let’s find out!  Using a time traveling device the miracle of online baby face generators, I’ve taken a peek into the future to see what each of our offspring will look like.  Here are the results:

What would happen if Cocky & Rude bloggers Mikey and Adam squirted out a little baby?
They’d welcome this little bundle of joy grump into the world.

How about Mr. Sombrero and his boyfriend Adam?
The stork would dump this little Santa hat wear’n tyke onto their doorstep.

How about Mikey and his boyfriend, Ty?  They’d be the proud co-daddies of this weird-looking little big-head!

How about the happily married wonder-couple of the blogosphere: Harry and Michelle?
They’d welcome this curly-haired little cutey!

Ever wonder what a Super-Michelle would look like?  Let’s mate two Michelles and find out!

What about this happy coupleTam and Polt would squirt out … an African American baby?!

But I’m guessing that Polt would rather have an African American baby
with Craig, whose bushes he normally inhabits.
Mel is a veterinarian, so we’ve paired him with a bunny: John!
Their bestiality would unleash this little monster upon the world.David and David have the same name … so why shouldn’t they make a baby?
They’d have this ugly, cross-eyed, round-headed, little puffer fish baby.

How about everyone’s favorite wonder twins,  Josh & Enrico?
Check out the adorable baby embodiment of Joshrico!

What if David and VUBOQ had some baby-making relations?
They’d produce this pointy-haired little cross-eyed demon!

Everyone’s favorite (non-Tam) Canadians, Kristen “The Kid” and Nathan.
What an … unexpectedly Asian baby they’d produce!

What kind of baby would Ryan have with his true love? 
This one — presumably with delicious cream filling!
This round-headed little monster is the product of Jere and Chris D.!
Please be responsible parents and wash your kid’s dirty face!
Paul made FDot a little less pure when they got together and created this little joy.

The only perfect mate for Justin is the website, Wikipedia.
Together, they’d create this all-knowing, all-correcting, asterisk-loving little egghead.
And finally … let’s mate Craig with his beloved Super Viagra & Vagina Girl.

Or, seeing the results … maybe we shouldn’t.
So which is your favorite baby?  Tell us who should mate (and who shouldn’t) in the comments!


28 thoughts on “Let’s All Start Having Some Babies!”

  1. Why are these babies wearing lipstick? Are we pageant parents? I think Nathan and the Kid’s kid is cute. But the African-american baby I had with my albino husband would win grand supreme.
    The only difference between Craig’s/vg-sv and the David’s baby is the lipstick, so something weird is going on there. I can’t decide who has the ugliest baby. There are so many to choose from.

  2. Well, the black must come from Polt’s side of the family because my side is as pale as they come.

    I think Kristen and Nathan’s baby is Asian because Nathan wants to go to Japan to teach. Maybe he’s channeling some Asian genes.

    The two Davids’ baby looks slightly terrified. They could also call it David and refer to themselves as D3 (cubed). “Hey, did you invite D3 for dinner?” It’s perfect.

    1. Well, Tam, I’ve been intimate with many MANY black men, so maybe some of it rubbed off? That’s the only way I’d be supplying any black genes.

      But it makes perfect international sence to me: American + Canadian = African!


  3. So is Ryan going to be doing some “American Pie” cupcake-ish films for us? I’m envious of Craiggers and my baby, he’d be a power bottom AND have a puntabuschlong BOTH! he could totally entertain himself all the time and never even have to leave home! 🙂


      1. Im not envious of him RIGHT NOW! I’m envious of him when he’ll be legal and able to…yeah, I’ll say it, play all by himself! 🙂


  4. I love how smug and self-satisfied our kid looks. He knows he’s awesome and can wait as long as it takes for you to acknowledge it.

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