Spring’s Piss Puddle Game!

What’s up, assholes?  Spring here … bringing you another round of your favorite C&R Game: Spring’s Piss Puddle Game!  Lately it’s hard to get some privacy around the litter box, what with Adam always hanging out in the bathroom with his camera.  Usually he’s taking photos of his rather unimpressive junk, but every once and a while he takes a photo of one of my piss puddles.  Here’s one of my latest masterpieces.  Tell me what it looks like in the comments.  If you don’t … I’ll hunt you down and scratch you to bloody little bits with my razor-sharp claws.



8 thoughts on “Spring’s Piss Puddle Game!”

    1. Ya know I typed this before I had my first cup of coffee…I didn’t mean to write “funking” I meant to write “funky”. But I suppose Funking works just as well, eh?


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