Have You Ever….Been Adam?!

A bunch of us nutty friends of Adams decided to honor him for his latest birthday by turning his favorite past-time of getting us to reveal our deepest, darkest, dirtiest (and sometimes odd) secrets on the blog and turning it on him. How can we do that? By asking the most horrifying thing ever: have you ever…been Adam?

The rules are the same: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

1. Have you ever been born on the 5th of July?
2. Have you ever had red hair or been a ginger?
3. Have you ever been freakishly pale or mistaken for Casper the friendly ghost?
4. Have you ever lived in Ringoes, NJ?
5. Have you ever dated a man named Mr. Sombrero?
6. Have you ever lost an arm?
7. Have you ever worn a plaid shirt?
8. Have you ever owned so many plaid shirts that you are known for wearing plaid shirts?
9. Have you ever had old lady wallpaper?
10. Have you ever shoved a bunch of crap in your mouth to see how much it can hold?
11. Have you ever scooped up cat shit from 100 cats in a single day?
12. Have you ever taken photos of your cats urine and asked your readers to guess what it looked like?
13. Have you ever had a crush on Jason Mraz?
14. Have you ever been a vegan?
15. Have you ever refused to kill stink bugs?
16. Have you ever made Mikey go hiking to see if he would die?
17. Have you ever asked your friends to send you photos of their crotches?
18. Have you ever been somewhat obsessed with poo?
19. Have you ever had a cat named Spring?
20. Have you ever posed provocatively with a canon?
21. Have you ever written a blog post about all of the different cars you have owned?
22. Have you ever chosen the winner of American Idol based entirely upon looks?
23. Have you ever created a comic strip character called Rainbow Poo?
24. Have you ever had a blog called Some Crazy Garbage?
25. Have you ever had another blog called Cocky & Rude?

Special thanks to Tam, Michelle M., Craig and Polt for their assistance with this post.


32 thoughts on “Have You Ever….Been Adam?!”

  1. 3. I’m but a mere wisp of a shadow, that is the amazing Adam.

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have a most wonderful day!

  2. 4, although I had less luck in getting the requested crotch shots than Adam did. Perhaps I shouldn’t have asked for naked crotch shots.

    At any rate, Happy Birthday!

    1. How is it that FDot always scores 0-2 pts per quiz, but on the Adam quiz, he gets more than anyone other than Adam himself???? Is he perhaps stalking Adam secretly and emulating him?


      1. I think it’s like that creepy roommate movie where he starts to try and morph into Adam. If he voted yes for #5 I would suggest Adam check his attic and any unused closets for signs of habitation

  3. 4 And thank god I didn’t score any higher! Mr. Sombrero not withstanding, I’m pretty happy I’m not Adam.

    Happy Birthday!

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