To Celebrate

We Americans (and by we I mean those other ego-maniacal people) like to celebrate our independence with a mighty show of bombs bursting in air and meat grilling on metal. It is not difficult for one to realize that these are all just stand-ins for our penis. So for the Freudians out there, I say Happy Independence Day (or Canada Day née Dominion Day, whatever that is) and enjoy a video about a man with a very large penis.


7 thoughts on “To Celebrate”

      1. I meant that guy and Craiggers could make a porno together…cause,ya know, he’s cute and so is Craiggers…and..and….look I’m still not recovered fully from the flu. And somehow, I’m here at work. So cut me some slack today!


  1. Well he’s definitely Canadian because he was recycling. Poor baby. Life is hard (or not) for the overly-well-endowed.

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