The First Official Five of Summer

Crap! It is officially summer. I loathe summer, mainly because I am super-white and burn in the lightest sun. It also doesn’t help that sweat profusely when the temperature rises above 80. Thankfully I have a bajillion things to watch online in my air conditioned apartment. Here are five of the most fabulous awesome things that have happened this week.

The first item on the list is really more of a public service announcement. The net-news has been crazy filled with reports of hacked accounts including the previously unsinkable Gmail, but if you are anything like me you hate the idea of changing your password because it is just really hard to remember which one you used this time. Well, you are in luck! You can now find out whether your email has been compromised at Should I Change My Password. It is free and easy. Do it!

Next we have something a little more fun: a dancing dog. Who doesn’t love the never-ending meme of internet pet tricks? I sure don’t. And dogs sure do know how to bust a move. They have more moves than Martha Graham. So without further adieu, I give you El Willy.

Not since that big whale has the name Willy been so beloved. Now let’s get nasty and talk about what comes out of a willy, more precisely a horses willy. In New Zealand at a restaurant called Green Man Pub, you can order apple infused horse semen to go with your pint of beer. Oh and it is served hot. To me this sounds revolting, but I’m sure there are some friends of the phallus out there who are just dying to get a taste.

Speaking of disgusting things, Sarah Palin has been whoring it up all over the country to delude brainless people into voting for her. What do you think would have happened if she went down south to South Caroline? Betsy’s Video Blog tells us just what to expect.

I was hoping that I could make the final of the five about the NY Senate voting to give equal rights to its citizens, but at the time I’m writing this they have not even entered the chamber. As we wait for that news (no matter what it may be), I am grateful for websites that bring that let us know what we need to know in short statements like this one. The internet has the capacity to make large volumes of information easily digestible to a large audience and Is Same-sex Marriage Legal in NY is one that does just that.

There they are folks: Should I Change My Password, El Willy, Horse Semen, Betsy’s Video Blog, and Is Same-Sex Marriage Legal in NY. Runners-up were: hardcore gay porn and


8 thoughts on “The First Official Five of Summer”

  1. 1. I seem to be safe all around
    2. Some awesome hip shaking … for a dog
    3. Gag
    4. Cute
    5. Grrrrrr.

    Our parliament went all freaking night last night (apparently) to get back-to-work legislation done for the post office even though technically parliament is finished. Your guys could take some lessons from Canada. Git er done, as they say in the south. Oh and look, we haven’t turned into a dog marrying lawless pit of hell in Canada DESPITE letting the gays marry. Gee, wonder how that happened? I wanna smack someone on y’all’s behalf.

    1. OMFG. When will I learn to click follow on e-mail?

      If you changed the last link to Beautiful Mag you could have pics of hardcore gay porn stars, which are totally adorable and my heart is going to break when the split up and have to split custody of the fur-babies. Sigh. My dreams will be shattered again as I admit that twu wuv can’t survive the porn industry.

      Oh and I’d totally date jazz hands dude on that dating site.

  2. The dog was hilarious. But gotta disagree with your assessment of Sarah Palin’s motives. Being governor of the least populous state in the union was too much of a struggle for her, she has no intention of running for president. What she’s doing by running around the country is making tons and tons of money from these braindead people, not only so she can pay her bills, but so she can live in a style she feels she deserves. Oh, and I too, burn easily and sweat profusely in high temps. It’s like we’re twins. Cept we’re not.


  3. That little dog kills me! He is totally in tune with the music.

    I hateses summer. Like you I burst into flame in the sun, but I don’t sweat, which sounds good, but isn’t.

  4. 0. I sweat like crazy at all temperatures — whether I’m standing outside in 0 degree weather or 110 degree weather. Summer is the pits! (pun intended)
    1. Yay! I’m safe!
    2. Love it!
    3. Gross! Some of the Gawker comments are hilarious.
    4. I didn’t watch this yet because I’m at work I forgot my headphones today. Grr!
    5. Ugh will they ever vote?!

  5. The dog makes me happy.
    Can I have some of Betsy’s energy? “I’m going to go home and eat my feelings” cracked me up. So did the guy behind her at the very end “Nooooooooo”.

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